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Spoiler and Wings for Ram

Wings and spoilers are designed to improve the stability of your truck as you drive at high speeds and go around turns. They achieve this by redirecting airflow around your vehicle. As you prepare to install a wing or spoiler on your Dodge Ram, you need to take the shape, design, size, placement, and desired performance benefits into consideration.

What is the difference between a wing and a spoiler?
  • Wings: Wings are shaped like upside-down airplane wings to deflect air up, thus creating appropriate downforce. When installed, they provide a seamless curve that complements the natural contours of your truck. While wings utilize basic aerodynamic principles, they are not made to reduce drag on a pickup. The main goal of a wing is to keep the rear down.
  • Spoilers: Rear spoilers are shaped like thick walls. Instead of working with the natural airflow, they block it completely to reshape the contours of your vehicle. Air will take the path of least resistance and flow over the rear spoiler rather than hitting it completely. They can reduce drag and prevent lift.
Where should wings and spoilers be placed?

Wings and spoilers can be placed in two different spots on the rear of your Dodge Ram. You can choose the placement spot based on the particular area where you want to manipulate airflow.

  • Cab roof: Placing a rear spoiler or wing on the cab roofline will prevent air from getting scrambled as it goes through the steep drop-off from the roof to the bed. Air will flow above the bed and leave any rear cargo unhindered.
  • Bed: This placement option focuses on the steep drop from the back of the bed. Rear wings and spoilers are placed on the bed rails. Air will flow down over the bed before going up at the rear.
  • Tailgate: Tailgate spoilers and wings attach directly to the cap. While they are typically more subtle, they still help to produce beneficial downward force.
What are spoilers and wings made of?

Original manufacturer options are often made of the same material as the body of the truck to match the factory style. Aftermarket wings and rear spoilers can be made from a number of different materials that have their own unique features and performance qualities.

  • Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber is a strong material that is lightweight and durable.
  • ABS plastic: ABS is commonly used in original equipment manufacturer parts due to its stiffness. It is often combined with additional fillers.
  • Fiberglass: Components made from fiberglass fabric and epoxy are known for their durability and flexibility.
  • Silicon: Silicon is an option that is used because of its longevity and plasticity.