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Car & Truck Starters

After extensive use of a car, there are a few parts you will need to change to ensure that your auto continues to works at its optimum. The car starter is one of them. There are several points you need to note when replacing your starter.

What are the different types of starters available?

There are a wide variety of starters available. Your choice will primarily be determined by the power of your engine. There are three general types of starters available:

  • High-performance starter - These are meant to handle high-powered engines. Racing cars are among the vehicles that use these products.
  • Standard starter - These are made with the basic components of a starter and have no additional functionalities.
  • Remote starter - These allow the car to be started from within your home without having to manually put the key in and turn the ignition.
What are the different types of remote car starters?
  • Basic remote car starter - This is the remote starter with fewer features. Its equipped to start your car from a distance, but it does not control the temperature of the car. Also, they donu001at usually work with smartphones. It s simply used to secure the vehicle and is compatible with almost all types of vehicles.
  • Upgrade remote car starter - These have more added security features such as temperature controls, LCD screens, failsafe starter kill, alerts systems, and other enhanced control commands.
  • Ultimate add-on - This type has the tracking system as an additional feature. The system connects the information of the car to your smartphone or any other device. This way, you can have access to your car from practically anywhere in the world. This system is well utilized by transportation companies to track trucks, and it allows the owner of the vehicle to watch the cars as they travel.
What should you consider when buying a starter?

There are several factors you should consider when purchasing a starter for your car. They include:

  • Numbers of coils - You need to find one that has the right number of coils. Also, the coils should have the right configuration in order to fire up all of the cylinders in the engine.
  • The distributor - There are two main distributors of these products: Point-style distributor and the HEI-style distributor. You have to ensure that the coils fit well in the distributors. This is especially important for the high-end users.
  • High-end starter - If you drive a racing car or any vehicle with incredibly high power, you should consider going for a high-end product
  • Year of manufacture - Your caru001as year of manufacture should also help you decide which product you should use. In the same vein, you should consider the specific make and model of your vehicle.