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Cadillac Trunk Lids and Parts

Cadillac offers high-end luxury vehicles which are built to last. If your Cadillacs trunk gets damaged or stops working, this can affect appearance and drivability. Fortunately, you can easily find a variety of Cadillac trunk lids and parts to get your car running again.

How do Cadillac trunk lids work?

Depending on your model, these parts do more than keeping trunk contents secure. These parts also have lighting, license plate holders, and safety features. Here are some of the key Cadillac parts found in many models.

  • Lid: The lid refers to the main Cadillac part.
  • Panel: Trim panels add finish to the exterior, often fitting over the metal lid.
  • Motor: The trunk lid motor automatically opens your Cadillacs trunk on demand. You can replace the motor separately from other Cadillac parts.
  • Logo: Attached to the lid in some models, Cadillac logos help improve vehicle appearance. You can replace these Cadillac parts separately.
  • License plate holder: Many Cadillac models have license plate holders in the trunk lid. You can replace this part separately from the lid. In most cases, new lids come with bracket holders included.
  • Struts: These arm-like parts hold up the lid in certain Cadillac models. You can replace the left and right parts separately or as a pair.
  • Sill: Some lid types include sill trim on the back. These long metal parts add to the physical appearance of your Cadillac, giving it a streamlined look.
How can you find the right Cadillac trunk parts?

If your trunk starts to wear out or gets damaged, finding the right Cadillac parts can be tricky. Keep the following facts in mind in order to make your search easier.

  • Model: Cadillac releases a broad range of vehicle types each year. Trunk types vary by model. For example, the Cadillac Escalade SUV uses a liftgate with highly customized parts. Cadillac coupes have a smaller, more streamlined trunk.
  • Year: Within the same model vehicle, Cadillac parts also vary by year. Always make sure to limit searches by year. While some parts such as brackets may fit a wide range of years, other parts will fit only a few.
  • Trim: Depending on the model and year of your vehicle, Cadillac may offer upgraded trim options. These options often include upgraded exteriors and functions such as how doors lock and unlock. Always make sure to search by trim level, especially if you know your trim level includes the trunk in any way. For Cadillac models, trim levels usually have terms like Luxury or High Performance.
  • Color: As a highly visible part of your vehicle, finding matching colors can be difficult. If you are unable to find an exact match, you can always repaint the part later. Color options vary by model and year, but they usually include industry standards: black, silver, gray, white, red, and blue.
  • Parts needed: Because the trunk consists of many parts working together, you will want to take careful stock of needed repairs. Keep in mind that visible damage in one location could hint at additional damage elsewhere.