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Glove Boxes for Ram

The wedge-shaped Ram glove boxes have sufficient room for all your essential supplies. They are made from different materials and come in a variety of colors to match the car’s interior. Cleaning your glove box regularly will help to keep it efficient and functional.

What are the features of glove boxes?

Glove boxes for the Dodge Ram are large in scale to accommodate the vehicle’s size. The glove box is opened by a handle that is positioned toward the front passenger’s seat. The box is shaped in a wedge, with a large opening at the top to place supplies inside. However, the box narrows at the bottom in order to fit into the dashboard. Some models feature a lock feature next to the handle that allows for a key to secure the box in case of important contents or documents.

What materials are glove boxes made from?

Often, Ram boxes are made of hard, durable plastic or metal. Some styles are made from a combination of the two. In addition to the treated plastic that ensures its durability, the lock feature, however, is always constructed of metal. Additionally, the front of the box may be upholstered if the dashboard features a fabric overlay. Regarding color, most boxes are grey, black, navy, or another neutral hue to match the rest of the Dodge Ram’s interior.

How do you clean a Ram box?

Glove boxes can be cleaned on the interior and exterior. From the front passenger’s seat, take a damp cloth and wipe down the outside of the box to remove dust. If there are stains or spills on it, continue rubbing with the damp cloth until they lift or mix a solution of warm water and soap to extract the stain. Rinse any soap or debris away by wiping the surface with another damp cloth. Dry with a different cloth.

The inside of the Ram box should be cleaned regularly as well. Remove all contents, taking care to dust them if needed. Once the box is empty, wipe the inside down with a damp cloth or a dust cloth. If there are spills or stains inside the Ram box, follow the same steps as previously indicated with removing stains from the exterior.

What types of organizers are available for Ram boxes?

Several types of organizers can be used to obtain Ram box efficiency in a Dodge Ram truck. Some are in the shape of folders to separate important papers. These are typically accordion-like files that fit neatly into the Ram box. There are also some containers that are made of hard plastic and feature spaces for smaller odds and ends like paperclips, rubber bands, and pens. You might also consider storing stray napkins and other food-related items in a bag of their own.