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Racks for Saab

When you have to share your cargo space with luggage and sports equipment, the car can become a little cramped. Fortunately, car racks solve this problem by expanding the loading capacity outside. Before purchasing a rack it is important to learn about the roof rack’s components.

Is your vehicle set up for a roof rack?

Your vehicles roof may be bare or furnished with a complete rack system. You will need to know your cars roof type to establish which system you need. Use the list below to determine your roof’s style.

  • Saab Plain Roof: If there are no rails or channels on the cars roof, you will need a complete base system to increase your cargo room. A base system includes risers to lift the rails and crossbars from the roof.
  • Saab Fixpoint System: Vehicles with this system have threaded holes and anchors to provide a secure point of contact. They also allow for easy mounting of the roof rails before the crossbars are added.
  • Saab Half Rails: Some vehicles come with factory-installed rails running the length of the cars roof. This system requires crossbars to be complete.
  • Saab Full Rails: Few Saabs come equipped with rails and crossbars. These systems require additional mounting hardware to secure bikes, kayaks, and other cargo to the cars roof.
What parts does a Saab roof rack system include?

A roof rack system includes feet, crossbars, and other components that vary per manufacturer. For example, not all kits will include rails because some vehicles already have them. Some brands offer integrated platforms and crossbars. Examine the parts carefully to choose the right system for your roof type.

  • Towers: These pieces sit on each side of the cars roof. Depending on the manufacturer, they may be called feet, legs, or platforms. These parts bear the weight of the cargo and lift the rails from the car. They usually feature locking capabilities to prevent others from removing the rails from your vehicle.
  • Crossbars: A pair of bars that run across the width of the roof. They may be round, square, or feature an aerodynamic design. The parts are used to mount bike racks, cargo boxes, and other carriers and help support the gear’s weight.
  • Fit Components: Without clamps, pads and other components, the system is incomplete. The clamps help secure the tower to the rails and pads prevent damage and provide stability.