Cell Phone Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S III

If you are looking for a spare battery as a backup or a replacement, the Samsung Galaxy S3 operates on a lithium ion battery. You can learn about the batteries available as well as ways to decrease the overall battery usage to extend the life of a lithium ion battery.

What type of spare battery do you need for replacement?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 takes a Li-ion battery. Read the recommendations in your manual to make sure that any replacement battery used in the Samsung Galaxy S3 is lithium ion and is compatible with the smartphone. Using a compatible replacement with a Samsung phone ensures it charges correctly without damaging the device.

What does mAh mean?

Not all Samsung Galaxy replacement batteries have the same milliampere hour, or mAh. A 4500 mAh battery for the S3 has extended battery life. It provides up to 2.2 times more power than the standard battery for the Samsung phone. If you use a Samsung Galaxy smartphone a lot or if you use demanding applications, a 4500 milliampere hour battery is a suitable choice. A higher milliampere hour provides a higher battery capacity, and a higher capacity means a longer life cycle.

How can you improve the overall battery life?

When you insert the new battery into a Samsung Galaxy, fully charge and fully drain it three times to improve the batterys overall life cycle. Other tips for getting the most out of the Galaxys charge include:

  • Shut off GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth when theyre not needed. These functions drain the Galaxy S3 battery when theyre on.
  • Set the email polling interval to medium or long. This feature is an often overlooked impact on the performance and life cycle of the Samsung Galaxy.
  • Turn off automatic syncing with social media apps like Facebook or Google+ in the background.
  • Turn down the brightness of the display. Dimming the Samsungs display will conserve the battery power.
  • Cancel live wallpapers, which use up significant energy. This important adjustment to the Galaxy S3s display will also effectively extend the battery life.
Can you use a solar power battery for the S3?

Some solar-charger battery power banks can charge Samsung phones. It takes from five to eight hours to charge a mobile phone via solar power. Benefits of using a solar-power battery charger for the Samsung Galaxy S3 are the ability to charge the Samsung phone anywhere you are and when the power is out. A solar charger minimizes energy use as well.

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