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Questions Regarding Apple iPhone Replacement Frames

Apple produces replacement parts for its iPhone 5s mobile phone devices. The frames or cases for the iPhone provide a way to house all its electronic components and may help protect it if you accidentally drop it during your travels. If the outer frame or glass on your iPhone becomes damaged or cracked, you may wish to purchase a frame that can repair your device.

What types of iPhone 5s frames are available?

The frame on an iPhone is the outer shell that encompasses all the electronic parts and physical interfaces that you use to interact with the phone itself. You may need to purchase different frames depending on the parts of your iPhone 5s that you need to repair or replace. Some of the most common types of frames you may find during your search include:

  • Outer shells - If the outer shell your iPhone currently uses is cracked, you may wish to purchase a complete empty frame to replace it and protect the working electronics inside the phone.
  • LCD glass - A new LCD touchscreen may replace your current one if the glass is cracked. It could solve issues preventing you from interacting with the LCD digitizer.
What parts are included in replacement iPhone 5s frames?

Some frames include various parts and electronics that you may need in order to repair damage to your iPhone. If you drop the phone on a hard surface, its frame and some of its internal components could take damage. You may be able to purchase complete frames for your iPhone 5s that include the following parts:

  • Adhesive - This material is used to hold the layers of your iPhone together.
  • Buttons - These buttons may give you access to features such as on/off capabilities and volume control.
  • Camera and screen displays - These features allow you to see images and video or allow your iPhone's camera to capture images.
  • Speakers - Your iPhone's speakers allow you to send and receive vocal audio.
  • Digitizer - This layer of the LCD glass turns your hand and finger movements into actions for the iPhone 5s.
How do you install a replacement iPhone 5s frame?

The precise steps for setting up a replacement frame for your iPhone can vary depending on the components you need to repair and what kind of damage is involved. However, if you are replacing all components and an entire iPhone 5s frame, you may find the following broad steps helpful:

  • Open the new iPhone 5 replacement frame.
  • Insert the battery.
  • Insert the logic board.
  • Insert the speakers and vibration units.
  • Install the camera housing and components.
  • Install the front screen glass and the digitizer.
  • Merge the layers of your iPhone 5 together using adhesive.
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