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Cisco Enterprise Network Switch Modules

Why Should a SFP Switch Be Used?

An SFP (or small form-factor pluggable) module links switches and routers to the network. SFP allows fast communication, flexibility, and customization when building or servicing an existing network. Whenever anything is plugged into or removed from any number of network devices like a router, interaction is being made with one of these devices, from home networking to the largest industrial scale.

What does an SFP do?

This small port makes communication by cable possible.

  • When two switches need to communicate but are unable to do so because of distance or obstacles in the way, having this port allows copper or fiber-optic materials to be used.
  • Having a gigabit switch be able to interface with Ethernet and fiber makes network configuration more flexible.
  • Individual ports can be different, meaning that these modules provide the option to configure each individually. This allows for much more customization, as even cables directly next to each other can use different transceiver types.

Which types of optical transceivers are available?

Designed for flexibility and customization, there are several distinct types that fit for varied needs, and certain networks may require a combination of these. All can be removed and changed without turning off the network system, meaning they are hot-swappable.

  • SFP supports gigabit uplink connection and is widely available, and this type can be found in Cisco Catalyst series of switches. Switches or expansion modules that support 10GbE can create compatibility with SFP+ transceivers, which is an enhanced version that provides a higher throughput with 10G uplink capability.
  • GBIC (Gigabit Interconnect) is another module type that is available and it is designed to support 10/100 megabit. Mini-GBIC actually refers to the small form-factor pluggable type, not to be confused with the GBIC format.

Why choose Cisco SFP switches?

Cisco is a manufacturer that emphasizes support for small business users. 

  • Cisco Small Business is a range of selected products and services that may work well for businesses from one to 1,000 employees. Support for networking, security, communication, and infrastructure is appealing to those seeking a helping hand.
  • More and more businesses are relying on online processes, meaning that a network that is serviceable and consistent is key. Building such a network can require many switches, cables, and modules that may prove troubling for someone who is not very experienced.
  • Products from the Small Business collection, like the SG300-10SFP 10-port Gigabit Managed SFP switch, are designed to simplify business networking. There is also extensive documentation and support for each product in and out of the Small Business collection.

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