Club 33

Club 33 is a group of private clubs within Disney Parks, originating in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. Once a secret and exclusive experience for a select few, the clubs located in Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland, now offer hard-to-get memberships with lengthy waiting lists. Merchandise and souvenirs from Club 33, fortunately, are not as difficult to acquire and offer collectible and vintage items like ornaments, jewelry items, apparel, and more.

What types of Club 33 items are available for sale?

Items from Disney's Club 33, in particular items from its past, are rare and difficult to come by. They feature the number "33" in the club's distinctive style. There are polo and golf shirts, hats, pens and pen sets, glasses and mugs, napkins, swizzle sticks, handbags, and more. There are also mementos and keepsakes associated with the Disney club either from day-to-day operations or from occasions that have been held there. Examples of items such as these include anything autographed by guests or items commemorating milestones like their 50th anniversary. There are also collector plates, commemorative collector pins, Club 33 fast passes, prints, coins and medallions, ornaments, jewelry items, wine bottle stoppers, membership brochures, and specialty items like light-up drink cups and Mickey ears.

What is so unique about Club 33 merchandise?

The original club, in the New Orleans Square section of Disneyland, got its name from its address, which is 33 Royal Street. It opened in 1966 with 33 sponsors the first year that included Eastman-Kodak, Bank of America, General Electric, Hallmark Cards, Coca-Cola, and more. Membership is costly and the waiting list is long.

It was intended by Walt Disney to be a ritzy retreat for investors who needed a break away from the crowds of Disneyland. Unfortunately, Walt himself died before the club officially opened.

Merchandise from Club 33 is unique because it can only be purchased from inside one of the clubs by members or their guests. Some items can only be purchased by the members themselves for even further exclusivity.

How do you properly store souvenirs?

It might be exciting to have a keepsake from places like Disney's Club 33, but what to do with souvenirs once you get home? These tips may help you:

  • Sort out all of your items into categories like memorabilia, maps, brochures, and collectibles.
  • Memorabilia can be arranged in properly treated photo albums or scrapbooks that you can customize as you like.
  • Keep maps and brochures together, sorted by location or individual trip, and store in a photo box.
  • For your other souvenirs, store them or display them. Be careful to do your homework. Store items in cool, dry places and keep them away from heat or light if such will degrade or damage the individual items.
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