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Corded Electric String Trimmers

Cordless trimmer models are extremely useful for people who are searching for easy solutions to property care problems. Having a corded trimmer or edger means never having to deal gas-powered machines. Electric trimmers are convenient tools for starting spring yard projects and maintaining property throughout the summer months.

Are there a variety of trimmers available?

There are many models that are built for various jobs. Smaller styles work for trimming around flower beds or detailing a yard after mowing. Larger corded models can be used for tall and woody grasses and weeds. Along with exceptional power ratings, models can be found to match owner needs like:

  • Lighter weights for people with physical limitations
  • Compact motor casings for easier storage and transportation
  • Various balanced shaft lengths for shorter users
  • Quiet motors to address aural concerns and neighborhood rules
How do these models differ from gas trimmers?

Corded electric trimmers have radically different internal components than cordless gas trimmers and other types of conventional trimmers. Gas engines are powered by combustion engines that have unique parts. Electric models have a simple motor, a direct transfer assembly, and simple spindles. Corded trimmers rely only on electricity.

Can electric types be modified?

Like gas-powered machines, electric models must have a specific shaft shape in order to use attachments. These attachments include cutting blades, chain-style cutters, and powered loppers. Models to have a straight tube in order to use attachments. Curved and ergonomic types do not have the correct transfer mechanisms.

What about refilling the string?

While certain other types of trimmers require a rethreading process in order to reload more cutting string, this isn't usually the case with electric models. This is especially good news for people who are not necessarily mechanically inclined. The vast majority of corded models have quick-load spools, button releases, and easy-to-handle springs.

  • Generic and universal spools can be used with many models.
  • Trimmers operating on electricity generally use small diameter nylon string.
Are there any other advantages for edgers like these?

These styles have simple controls and comfortable handles. They are easy for anyone to use, even those who aren't experienced with lawn tools. Also, unlike a mower, they have a small profile when stored in a garage or while hanging in a tool shed. Since they rely on electricity, they're relatively easy and safe to operate even for those who aren't adept at using powerful outdoor tools.