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Chevrolet Impala Car Covers

Car covers are a convenient way to add protection to your vehicle whether you park outside or indoors. From a weather-resistant design to a tight wrap-around option, there are several types of Chevrolet car covers to choose from. Like seat covers that are used to preserve the interior, car covers help keep the vehicles exterior in good condition.

What are the benefits of covering your Chevrolet car indoors?

Indoor car covers, which are lightweight, are different from the outdoor style because of what they are saving the car from.

  • Washing and waxing: This will keep the dust off the exterior and extend the time between washing and waxing.
  • Fading and cracking: If any sunlight gets on the car from a window, that part will become faded over time. The entire Chevrolet will be protected, from the exterior color to the dashboard, steering wheel, and car seats.
  • Preserving tire life: Even though the auto is inside, the tires can still be exposed to sun rays and heat.
  • Accidents: The auto will be safeguarded from scratches.
What do outdoor car covers protect the car from?

Outdoor car covers protect against Mother Nature. The outdoor models are heavier than indoor styles, but they also come in medium weight. Outdoor styles are tightly wrapped under the automobile to keep it from blowing off in the wind.

  • UVA damage: The sun can fade paint and fabric, crack dashboards, and break down tires.
  • Tree sap, paw prints, dust, rain drops: Covering can extend the time between washes.
  • Snow removal: If you live in snow country, having the vehicle covered will save time with ice and snow removal.
  • Scratches: Automobiles stored outdoors are more susceptible to accidental scratches from the environment.
What are different types of Chevrolet car covers?

There are several styles of car covers that have different function and fabrics.

  • Form-fitting: These are custom-fit to the manufacturers specifications of the vehicle and fit exactly to all of the cars curves, mirrors, and antennas. These work well in strong winds and are made of combination of Lycra and Spandex. The inside is a type of cotton fabric.
  • Satin-fitting: For a refined, polished look, satin mixed with polyester creates a fabric that stretches, breathes, and has a racy feel. This style comes in a large variety of colors. They are very form-fitting, used indoors, and have a smooth, appealing finish.
  • Cloth coverings: Very breathable, soft, and gentle on the paint these are mainly used indoors.
  • Locking: These offer an added level of security by deterring theft. Grommet holes positioned around the bottom are linked with a cable and lock, securing the auto.
  • Water resistance: These car covers are water-resistant and breathable to prevent mold from developing underneath. Made with polypropylene or fabrics treated with a waterproof material spray, these shed the water off.