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Hummer H2 Car Covers

By selecting one of these covers for your Hummer H2, you will able to protect the entirety of your vehicle from the elements when you are not driving it. They come in a range of different lengths that you can select from, extending from 10 feet to well over 30 feet. These covers have been manufactured by a wide array of different brands that include Covercraft and Coverking.

What materials are car covers made of?

These SUV covers can be made from several different materials, including vinyl and polypropylene.

  • Polypropylene: This is a thin and flexible plastic material that is used in the creation of car covers due to its innate waterproofing, and the fact that it can be molded into many different shapes. This material is completely resistant to mold and bacteria while also being lightweight and resistant to high temperatures.
  • Vinyl: This is a fabric that is oftentimes used for car covers because of its resistant to water, high amounts of wear and tear, and rays from the sun. This means that the material will not fade over time.
  • Polyester: This is a strong and crisp material that is resistant to the majority of chemicals as well as dry abrasion. It can be dried quickly and is machine washable.
What are the different types of car covers available?

There are a couple of different types of covers that you can select from for your Hummer H2.

  • Windshield cover: This type of cover is specifically designed to be placed over the front windshield of your H2 vehicle to protect it from snow, rain, and other outdoor elements. It also serves to help protect the interiors from ultraviolet rays from the sun.
  • Full car cover: This is a type of cover that is meant to be draped over the entirety of your vehicle. It comes with a number of ties that you can use to keep it strapped down when in use.
What are some features available with Hummer car covers?

These car covers for the Hummer H2 can be equipped with various features. Almost all covers are comprised of materials that provide you with 100% water resistance, while many are made with non-abrasive lining in order to keep the paint on your model vehicle from becoming scratched or chipped. If you have an antenna attached to your Hummer H2, a selection of these covers come with a small antenna patch that will accommodate this piece of equipment. When selecting one of these covers, you will have the option of selecting between a grommet hem and an elastic hem. The differences between the two are purely aesthetic in nature.

Which colors do Hummer H2 covers come in?

Car covers for the Hummer H2 are available in a large variety of colors, the primary of which are black and blue. Some of the additional colors that you will be able to select from include red, brown, clear, gray, green, orange, bronze, silver, and purple.