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Hyundai Sonata Covers

If youd like to protect your Hyundai Sonata sedan, you have a range of options. There are many different car covers available, all of which can protect your paint job and other components from the elements. Hyundai Sonata covers can be taken on and off fairly quickly, so it can be a smart purchase whether you use your Hyundai seasonally or more frequently.

Why would you cover your Hyundai Sonata?
  • UV rays: The suns powerful rays can harm a vehicle. They can damage the Hyundais paint by causing it to fade or discolor. They can also cause the rubber trim to crack and degrade.
  • Moisture: Over time, the rain and snow may take a toll on a Sonata. In most cases, a car is sealed to prevent moisture from coming in, but that may not always be the case. Also, a Sonata parked along the road may get splashed with dirty water and snowy slush kicked up from other vehicles or plows driving by.
  • Animals: Neighborhood animals can leave unsightly and unpleasant gifts on your car. Bird droppings may contain products that could stain your Hyundais paint. Four-legged animals may scratch your hood or roof.
  • Pollen: Depending on where your Hyundai Sonata is parked, tree pollen may start to build upon your vehicle.
What are the different types of Sonata covers?
  • Windshield: The windshield on a Sonata can be a hard area to clean after a snow or ice storm. Using a windshield cover can make it simple to get your Hyundai ready for the roads.
  • Roof: A roof cover acts as a type of tent for your Hyundai Sonata. It doesnt cover the sides of your Sonata, but overhead protection can be enough if youre parked under a tree that is dropping leaves or is a home for birds. It can block out the sun as well.
  • Entire vehicle: A full sedan cover can provide the highest level of protection for your Hyundai.
What types of products could you consider?
  • OxGord Custom car cover: Equipped with a dual outer shell to protect from UV rays, this cover comes with its own storage bag so you can tuck it away when not in use. The tie-down grommets also keep the material securely attached to the Hyundai vehicle during high winds.
  • CoverMaster Gold Shield car cover: This cover is made out of three layers of polypropylene. One outer layer is breathable, preventing water build-up and oxidation on the car while the interior layer is made out of a soft cotton fleece.
  • CoverMates - Semi-custom car cover: This cover has an elastic hem with four tie-down loops, a covered center grommet can fit a cable lock, and seams that are double stitched with rot-resistant thread.
  • Duck Covers Defender covers:This product fits most sedans. It has a light gray color and has a blue racing strip over the top.