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Covers for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Covers protect your Jeep Grand Cherokee from the elements when it is not in motion. They come equipped with a wide array of features, including antennas and water resistance. Covers for Jeep Grand Cherokee are available from different brands that include Possbay, OxGord, and Coverking.

What materials are these covers made of?

Jeep Grand Cherokee covers are made from different substances, each of which has its own properties, although all have 100% waterproofing.

  • Plastic: The thin plastic film that comprises these covers is meant to keep the rain off your car by pushing it away. It is a durable textile that can withstand a large amount of wear and tear.
  • Vinyl: This type of fabric is resistant to water, will not fade from the sun over time, and withstands the wear and tear that you will experience with harsh conditions, allowing you to keep your vehicle outside for lengthy periods of time without issue.
  • Polyester: This is a versatile fabric that offers a variety of benefits and is strong and quick drying. It is resistant to most chemicals and is abrasion resistant as well. Polyester will not stretch or shrink and is durable.
What is the meaning of a universal fit?

When you notice that one of the covers you are considering is a universal fit, this means that it will fit onto any Jeep Grand Cherokee no matter which model year it is. This type of fit is available for both windshield covers and full car covers.

In what colors are these covers available?

These items are available in a wide range of color options that include unique patterns and designs. The most common color options that you can select from include black, blue, red, and silver. Additional colors include green, orange, pink, purple, white, yellow, and teal.

What are some features of Jeep Cherokee covers?

These covers come with numerous features that provide you with both protection and convenience. For instance, these items are available in materials that are 100% water resistant, ensuring that they hold up under heavy rain and snow. Many come with a non-abrasive lining that keeps the paint on your vehicle from being scratched when the edges of the item encounter it.

Some of these models also include a small antenna patch that fits over your car antenna while others include a license plate window. All of these covers come with either a grommet or elastic hem, although the differences between the two are mainly aesthetic.