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Porsche 911 Car Covers

A Porsche 911 is a big investment to make. As such, you want to protect it with a cover, especially if you are not using it as a daily driver. Because there are many types of car covers available, finding the right car cover can be difficult if you do not know what you are looking for.

What features do indoor car covers offer?

Car covers designed to protect cars that are being stored indoors usually have four features:

  • Breathable: The materials allows heat and condensation that may build up in the car to dissipate.
  • Blocks dust: They prevent dust from settling on the finish, as it can cause paint scratches over time.
  • Pampers the finish: Indoor sheets usually have a special surface that lays against the Porsche. It keeps the paint job fresh and free from scratches even when it is being put on and taken off.
  • Resists mildew: The surface of the covering is specially treated to prevent mildew from forming in the event the car cover gets wet.
What features do outdoor car covers offer:
  • Weatherproof: Outdoor covers are designed to be able to keep your Porsche safe no matter what the weather is outside. Some outdoor covers can add protection against rain, snow, and even light hail.
  • Breathable: When it gets hot outside, your Porsche may heat up and have condensation form under the covering. Outdoor covers are made to be breathable for this reason. Any heat and condensation that becomes trapped between the Porsche 911 and the cover can dissipate through the material.
  • Water- and UV-resistant: Outdoor coverings prevent damage to the Porsche 911 that could be caused by excess rain or UV rays.
  • Durable: The coverings are made to last through years of use and do not degrade over time.
  • Compact: When you are ready to take your Porsche 911 for a spin, the covers are easy to store in the trunk or can be folded up and stored out of the way.
What should you consider when looking for car covers?
  • Color: Most car covers come in gray, though you can choose a cover that has the same colors are your vehicle. Some sheets may also be branded or have designs on them. This can make it easier to keep an eye on your vehicle as well.
  • Weight: Heavier car covers are able to provide better protection against hazards than lighter sheets. However, they may be harder to put on and take off. If your vehicle is being stored inside, a lighter sheet may be all that you need to keep the dust at bay.
  • Material: Car covers can be made from plastic, fabric, or a mix. Fabric covers should not be used outdoors, though plastic and heavier Porsche 911 car covers may not be needed if your Porsche is not being stored outside.