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Subaru Forester Car Covers

Give your rugged Subaru Forester a little tender loving care with the assistance of a Forester car cover. Built for durability, car covers for your Subaru mini-SUV come in handy in a variety of scenarios. Whether you need a cover for personal, commercial, or other uses, you will discover models that fit your vehicle and add to your custom style.

What car covers fabrics are available?

You can use auto covers for a variety of reasons. To get more out of a given protector, you should think about the future needs of your vehicle. For example, you should know, at a minimum, whether your vehicle requires outdoor or indoor car protectors.

Outdoor car cover fabrics can include the following:

  • Weathershield - Making this fabric involves surrounding strong polyester fabrics with a thin, air-permeable polymer. This process results in a fabric that protects from the inside out against dust, water, dirt, and other contaminants. Weathershield also protects the surface of your Forester from the negative effects of UV-light, which can progressively dull your paint job. Plus, this material includes built-in UV-light inhibitors that promote fabric durability.
  • Noah - This innovative car cover fabric includes polypropylene and polyethylene outer layers surrounding a nylon/polyethylene inner layer. Between both lies a middle layer with a micro-porous material that stops water molecules yet allows steam and water-vapor to escape. This combination helps keep the surface of your Forester cleaner and dryer, which can maintain its good looks for the long haul.

Indoor car cover fabrics can include the following:

  • Form fit - This protector fabric includes Lycra/Spandex and polyester surface materials in its design. Inside, moisture-absorbing cotton terry loop fabrics act to take care of any additional moisture.
  • Tan flannel - Made from a strong cotton-poly blend, Tan Flannel repels moisture while allowing water vapors to escape. Relatively thick, this material fights dampness as well as dents.
How should you store your protector?

If you store your cover properly, you should get plenty of use out of it. How you store and clean a specific model depends on the fabrics and materials that it is made out of. Some rules of thumb for car-protector care include regularly clearing debris from it and consulting the manufacturers instructions before laundering/deep-cleaning it.

Which methods can you use for installing your car cover?

Manufacturers make the indoor or outdoor car covers for your Subaru Forester to specific measurements. Unless you have unusual additions, parts or accessories to your vehicle, Forester protectors should comfortably fit. Most offerings include user-friendly fastenings like Velcro or elastic strapping.

How can you take measurements for your cover?

Before you choose to go with a generic cover, you may need to measure your car to ensure you purchase something that fits. To find the length, run a tape-measure blade from bumper to bumper alongside the doors. To find the height, run the tape from ground level to the roof. To find the width, measure the car from side to side across the widest point.