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Volkswagen GTI Car Covers

If you want to keep your GTI looking great over the long run, covers are an important tool. You’ll find covers to use during storage as well as solutions for when actually driving your Volkswagen. There are styles for all tastes and products and materials for all environments and conditions.

What types of covers are there for the Volkswagen GTI?

The options for your VW GTI range from protectors for a single part or feature to coverings that extend over your entire vehicle for extended storage or protection during bad weather. Some of the many OEM and third-party options that are available to you include:

  • Seat covers
  • Wheel covers
  • Fuel cap covers
  • Full vehicle covers
  • Hood covers or bras
  • Gas and brake pedal covers
  • Floor and cargo mats and liners
What do Volkswagen GTI full covers protect against?

Such covers are designed to wrap around your Volkswagen and are often called vehicle bags. However, not all covers are made the same, and manufacturers will usually rate their covers based on the ability to protect against:

  • Dirt
  • Wind
  • UV rays
  • Snow and ice
  • Water
Do indoor and outdoor GTI covers differ?

They can. It’s often a matter of preference and environment. There are even indoor/outdoor combo options. However, if you’re storing your Volkswagen outdoors for a long period, you really want something that provides protection against the elements. For storing indoors, you generally want a more breathable fit and material for your Volkswagen GTI.

What are OEM covers for the Volkswagen GTI?

The abbreviation OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It indicates that the product is a stock, optional, or aftermarket part made or licensed by Volkswagen. Third-party accessories are also available and may provide features, such as heating for driver seats.

How are model-specific covers sized?

Model-specific covers are sized for your particular VW vehicle. Such vehicle covers are often referred to as contoured, custom-fit, ready-fit, and so on. The cover for your five-door Golf GTI hatchback will be sized quite differently than a two-door convertible, so you need to choose the product based on the year, model, and trim designations

How are universal covers sized?

Some covers marketed as semi-custom or similar may list supported vehicles. Most universal covers, however, are simply offered by dimensions. For a full car cover, you need to measure the length, width, and height of the Volkswagen and get an appropriately size product. When selecting a universal cover, it’s important to get as a close a fit as possible.