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Dell Network Cards for PCI

Network Cards for Your PCI Ports

Dell manufactures quality wireless cards for every type of computer and personal device. With impeccable speed and transfer rates, these cards are reliable ways of connecting to a network wherever you are. These cards allow you the ease and flexibility as well as the ability for dual connections.

What Are the Features of a Dell Network Adapter?

  • Speed. These cards are able to connect and move data at much faster transfer rates. Originally, 1 GB was premium; however, the rates have moved up to 4, 8, and 10 GB per second. It is important to note that while you have a card that has the capability of utilizing up to 10 Gbps, the network you have ultimately determines how fast your processing speeds are due to its bandwidth.
  • Wi-Fi. Cards such as these network adapters have moved more toward Wi-Fi connectivity. It is relatively commonplace for most computer devices to support Wi-Fi networks and Ethernet connections simultaneously.

What Are the Different Types of Network Cards?

  • PCI. This type of network interface is mostly for desktop computers. It is important to ensure that your computer is compatible with this type of interface before choosing a PCI wireless network adapter.
  • PCI-Express. This type of wireless adapter is very much similar to the PCI wireless card; however, it is capable of working with much faster connection speeds depending upon the given bandwidth.
  • PCMCIA. These cards go primarily with laptops and come with a wireless network antenna that extends out from the laptop itself. This type of cards needs to fit with a PCMCIA wireless card slot.
  • Mini-PCI. These wireless adapters go with laptops as well and require one Mini-PCI slot for compatibility and need to have a built-in wireless antenna already in the mainframe.
  • USB. A USB wireless adapter is great for portability and only needs one USB port. This type of adapter has plug and play operability and wireless portability which makes it a great choice for those that need Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities wherever they go. Most of these wireless adapters have a 11 mbps second transfer rate on a standard network, but some can go up to a 54 mbps transfer rate on an upgraded network.
  • Ethernet. This type of device is not wireless like the other cards. It needs to have an Ethernet cable which then plugs into the computers Ethernet port. These work well with gaming consoles as you can connect them to the Internet through the Ethernet network and have dual devices running at the same time.
  • Compact Flash. These are small wireless cards that work primarily for tiny handhelds devices that have Bluetooth capabilities. When you use it with a PCMCIA card, these can work with laptops as well.

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