Diecast and Toy Garbage Trucks

Diecast and Toy Garbage Trucks

Toy plastic and metal cast garbage trucks are made by many companies, including firms that operate real waste collection trucks. There are many different types and different sizes of toy garbage trucks from which to choose.

What materials are toy garbage trucks made from?
  • Metal: A diecast garbage truck may be made from steel or a steel alloy. Some of the toy waste trucks are made from cast iron. Cast iron and other types of metal toy garbage trucks for kids are usually painted in order to help protect them from rust and corrosion.
  • Resin: Toy vehicles for children may also be made of resin. Resins begin as liquids and pigments are added to them as they are poured into a mold. These toys are smooth to the touch. The resin toy vehicles offer realistic looks and are durable enough to withstand the often rough play of children.
  • Plastic: Plastic trucks for kids are lightweight and colorful. These garbage truck toys offer enhanced details such as the dashboard panel on the vehicles interior, the hubcaps on the wheels, and the treads on the trucks tires.
How do you choose a toy garbage truck?

There are many different options, so it may seem daunting to pick one, but you could narrow down your search by taking the following points into consideration:

  • Choose the scale: Garbage trucks for kids to play with are available in a range of scales. You can choose garbage trucks ranging from 1:16 to 1:87. For example, if your kids have a toy train set and want to include a garbage truck in the scene, you might choose a truck that is 1:64 scale.
  • Select a material: Your options include a garbage truck made of painted metal that is cast in a mold in order to include many details, or a garbage pickup vehicle that is made of lighter weight resin or plastic.
  • Choose a color scheme: Garbage trucks are available in the familiar green and yellow colors of the Waste Management Company and in other colors, such as white and black.
What are the features of toy garbage trucks?

Garbage trucks for children are made with features that are supposed to make the trucks more fun to play with. Most of the toy trucks have moving tires mounted onto axles. The tires on these trucks allow the toys to roll forward and backward. Some garbage trucks have an open dumping area so kids can load tiny items into them. Many of the garbage trucks have a dumping mechanism that tilts down so children can pretend to dump out the garbage. Like many city garbage trucks, some of the garbage trucks have mechanical arms that extend outward in order to pick up the receptacles of garbage. Some of the garbage trucks may come with accessories, such as appropriately scaled toy garbage, recycling, or yard waste bins.

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