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Dog and Pet Urns

Urns can provide a lasting pet memorial for a beloved friend. Not only do pet urns keep ashes safe, but they are an enduring way to memorialize a pet's memory. Pet urns can be a treasured memorial that last for a lifetime.

What materials can pet urns be made of?

Pet urns are available in many more materials than just clay. Pet cremation urns can be made of ceramic, wood, glass, marble, brass, and even biodegradable materials. Headstones, figurines and windchimes are typically made of stone, metal, resin, or ceramics. Cremation jewelry is made of resins and metal.

How do you decide on a suitable urn?

Think first of how you will display the urn. There are several ways pet owners choose to use an urn to honor their departed cat or dog.

  • Display the Urn - You can place the urn wherever you feel like in your home; some people prefer to place them on bookshelves or fireplace mantles. Traditional materials such as wood, brass, or marble work well in this case.
  • Columbarium Service - This is a collection of small niches in a wall or structure to provide a permanent memorial. To determine what size urn is needed, you need to discern the size of the available niche or niches.
  • Miniature Urns or Cremation Jewelry - This is a good fit for a family who wants to share the ashes.
  • Scattering the Ashes A biodegradable material would be suitable for the urn in this case; it can be recycled afterward.
What styles of pet urns are available?

Pet cremation urns come in many styles; they are not merely vases or boxes. You can choose to have pet urns in the shape of cats, dogs, hearts, lockets, paw prints, traditional vase-style urns, or decorative boxes. The urns come in a variety of colors, including silver, green, and white. You can also find them in a wide array of designs.

How durable are pet urns?

The durability of an urn is dependent on the material it is made from and whether it is exposed to the elements. Marble pet urns will last through years of exposure to rain and wind. Brass and wooden urns can be lifelong keepsakes if kept dry and clean. Jewelry can also be a lifetime reminder of your beloved pet.

What sizes of urns are available?

Pet urns come in sizes suitable for a small puppy or cat up to a large dog. If the pet is too little for a conventional urn, pet cremation jewelry is always an option for your memorable keepsake. Whether you are looking for a locket, wind chime, or traditional pet cremation urn, there are options to fit any pet memorial.