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Draw-Tite Other Trailer Leveling & Towing Parts

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Draw-Tite Car and Truck Towing and Hauling

Draw-Tite specializes in hitches for trailers and other vehicles. Industry professionals who understand the needs of the road design the brands trailer hitch models and accessories. Draw-Tite offers many hitch varieties that range from gooseneck to fifth wheel options.

What vehicles does Draw-Tite make hitches for?

Draw-Tite manufactures hundreds of trailer hitch systems and towing parts. The brand prides itself on offering a towing solution for nearly every available vehicle. Whether you drive an Audi or a Toyota, an applicable standard hitch should be available.

What types of Draw-Tite trailer hitches are available?

Draw-Tite car and truck towing and hauling hitches come in a variety of options, including:

  • Weight distribution hitch: This type of hitch system changes the center of the weight. Instead of focusing the weight on the trailer hitch, it distributes the burden between the trailer wheels and the tow vehicle. These options use leverage to ensure a more equitable distribution of weight, which can prevent damage during the drive.
  • Fifth wheel hitch: Fifth wheel hitches are traditionally used to tow large hauls. They use a unique hitching system; they are mounted over the vehicles rear axle. A special notch and a kingpin are used to connect the system. Common towing applications include livestock trailers and RVs.
  • Gooseneck hitch: Goosenecks are similar to fifth wheel options. They differ in one crucial point; they use a ball and a coupler to connect the system. These options are used with horse trailers, and they come in several models including above-bed, fold-down, and under-bed.
  • Front mount trailer hitch: These options are bolted to the underside of the vehicles front frame. They allow you to use the front of the truck for many hauling purposes, ranging from snow plows to cargo carriers.
Does Draw-Tite make sway control accessories?

Along with their range of trailer hitches, Draw-Tite also makes sway control products. These are used in conjunction with trailer hitches, and they improve tow stability. They reduce trailer sway, which can be caused by wind and traffic. Sway control options include dual cam models and friction models. Some sway control accessories from Draw-Tite are their Square U-bolts and their Square Control tab.

What other trailer hitch accessories does Draw-Tite offer?

Trailer hitches need high-quality parts and accessories. The brand offers an array of hitch parts including:

  • Hitch balls
  • Utility ball mounts
  • Specialty ball mounts
  • Hitch tube covers
  • Hitch extensions
  • Hitch adapters
  • Towing starter kits
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