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Everything You Need to Know When Choosing Vintage Dynaco Amplifiers and Tubes

When you enjoy listening to music or using ham radios, you may need to pair the radio, transceiver, or stereo receiver with an amplifier. Well-built amplifiers and replacement parts allow you to hear the full range of the audio at a greater distance away from the equipment that is outputting the sound. On eBay, you can choose from a range of affordable Dynaco amplifiers and replacement tubes.

What are the available types of Dynaco amplifiers on eBay?

The available types of vintage Dynaco amplifiers on eBay include integrated amplifiers and power amplifiers. The integrated amplifiers feature a power supply, amplifier, tuner, source switching, and volume control in the same housing. Power amplifiers accept the signal, amplify it, and output it. An integrated amplifier has a dual function as a radio receiver. A power amplifier works alongside a separate radio or stereo receiver.

What are some features of vintage Dynaco amplifiers and tubes?

Some features of the vintage Dynaco amplifiers and tubes on eBay include:

  • Legs: The amplifiers have legs on the housing for aiding in heat dissipation.
  • Ventilated housing: Passive vents in the amplifier housing also aid with with dissipating heat.
  • Labeling: The tubes are labeled for correct installation. The amplifier's knobs and controls are labeled.
  • Mono and stereo: The amplifiers work in mono and stereo audio modes.
  • Display lighting: An incandescent lamp illuminates the display.
What are the audio specifications of Dynaco amplifiers on eBay?

The audio specifications of the durable Dynaco amplifiers on eBay include:

  • Power output: The power output is 300 to 500 watts.
  • Frequency response: The frequency response ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Total harmonic distortion: The total harmonic distortion range is 0.22 to 0.30%.
  • Speaker load impedance: The speaker load impedance range is 4 to 16 ohms.
  • Signal to noise ratio: The signal to noise ratio range is 90 to 100 dB.
How do you choose Dynaco amplifiers and tubes on eBay?

When you are shopping on eBay for durable Dynaco amplifiers and tubes, consider their:

  • Condition: Select amplifiers that are non-working for parts or that are in used condition.
  • Housing: Select metal or wood housing for the amplifier.
  • Replacement parts: Choose from new tubes for the inner workings or used replacement parts such as knobs, cages, and legs.
  • Dimensions: The amplifiers range in size from 16 to 20 inches wide by 12 to 16 inches long by 6 to 8 inches deep.
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