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Use a Dynaco Amplifier or Preamp for Hi-Fi Vintage Audio

Many of Dynacos audio equipment are Hi-Fi products enjoyed by audiophiles. Youll find many of the brands vintage audio equipment on eBay that you can use in your homes music setup or for playing music from a turntable.

Does Dynaco manufacture tube amplifiers?

Yes, the brand has a vast selection of tube amplifiers, such as the following:

  • Stereo 160: The Stereo 160 is a stereo vacuum tube amplifier that features adjustable tube bias potentiometers, 6550 output tubes, and switchable pentode/triode modes. It delivers 75 watts per channel.
  • Dynakit Mark II: Introduced in 1955, the Dynakit Mark II is a vintage Hi-Fi power amplifier thats built with the Dynaco A-430 output transformer. It has a power output of 100 peak watts and 50 continuous watts.
  • Stereo 70: The Stereo 70 is a vintage stereo vacuum tube amplifier that has an output of 35 watts per channel. Its transformers are characterized by an ultralinear design intended to help minimize distortion.
  • Dynaco Mark VI: This mono vacuum tube amplifier features 120 continuous watts, a four-position range switch, the ability to be mounted on a rack, and phono jack inputs.
Are there preamplifiers available?

Yes, the brand has several models of preamplifiers, including the SCA 35 and the PAT-4. The SCA 35 is an integrated tube amplifier, meaning it consists of a preamp and an amp. Its made of a gold anodized aluminum front panel and a brown cover for a design that adds warmth to a space. You can use it for either mono or stereo sound by flipping the mono/stereo switch as needed. Additional controls on the integrated amp include loudness contour, channel balance, bass, treble, filter, and AC power.

The PAT-4 preamplifier can process both mono and stereo audio. It has a phone jack input and output on the front panel, so you can plug in headphones or a tape recorder. Controls on the preamp include tape monitor, bass, treble, balance, volume, loudness compensation, and filter.

What other types of audio equipment does Dynaco manufacture?

Other types of audio equipment that Dynaco manufactures include bookshelf loudspeakers, transformers, and radio tuners. A series of bookshelf speakers they manufactured in the 70s is the A-Series. The A-25 bookshelf speaker has a frequency response of 30 Hz to 15 kHz. It operates via a two-way two-driver loudspeaker system and has 1500 Hz dual section high pass filter. Other models in the series include the A-35 and A-10.

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