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ENVE Stems

ENVE manufactures a variety of stems for mountain bikes. These stems come in different diameters to fit various sizes of handlebars. Find a stem that works with your mountain bike in this collection.

What is an ENVE mountain stem?

A mountain stem is a device that connects your handlebars to your bike frame. These devices vary based on a number of factors:

  • Weight: The weight of a bike stem determines how much mass will be pulling your handlebars forward as you move. Lighter stems can provide better maneuverability on trails.
  • Stem clamp diameter: The width of your stem will need to match the width of your handlebars. Handlebar width varies by model, so not all stems will fit your bike.
  • Stack height: The steering tube is a metal cylinder that rises from the front wheel of your bike. Stack height refers to the amount of room a stem takes up on the steering tube.
  • Length: Length refers to the distance between the steering tube and the handlebars once your stem is installed. The shortest length available is 30 millimeters.
  • Rise: Rise refers to the difference in height between the steering tube and the handlebars once the stem is installed. Most stems are zero-rise, which means they can be installed upside down if desired. Some models feature a 6-degree rise.
What materials are used in ENVE mountain stems?

Stems are traditionally made with forged or CNC-machined aluminum. However, ENVE breaks with convention and uses carbon fiber to make their mountain bike stems. Carbon fiber is a lightweight material that is created by purging noncarbon particles from a synthetic compound. The remaining material is highly dense and composed of 100% carbon. Every carbon-fiber stem made by this company is equipped with titanium hardware. Titanium is a highly durable alloy that is resistant to rust.

How do you install an ENVE mountain stem?

When you've found the carbon-fiber stem that you want to use on your bike, follow these steps to install your new hardware:

  • Using a hexagonal wrench, loosen the bolts that connect your existing stem to the steering tube. If your existing stem is covered with a cap, you'll need to unscrew this part.
  • Remove the bolts that connect the handlebar to the stem. Carefully remove the handlebar and place it on a level surface. Make sure that you don't kink or break your brake lines.
  • Place your new stem on the steering tube. If you want to use spacers, place them on the tube first.
  • From above, gaze down the front wheel to make sure your stem matches the angle of the wheel.
  • Screw your stem into place and then insert the handlebars and screw them securely into place.
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