EvoShield Baseball and Softball Protective Gear

Baseball and softball have long been deeply embedded in American culture, and while they may be fun to play, they both entail a level of injury risk due to the speed the balls can travel, for example. This means players should have a complete set of protective gear. EvoShield baseball and softball protective gear provides padding, baseball helmets, guards, masks, and other equipment.

What protective gear does a catcher wear?

In both baseball and softball, the catcher is the player who sits or crouches behind the plate and catches each pitch from the pitcher. They are also responsible for protecting home plate and catching fly and foul balls that go straight up. Because of these and their other responsibilities, the catcher may need some extra gear. Catchers wear items such as knee and shin guards, chest and neck protectors, a removable mask, and a heavy, reinforced glove. The mask is removable so that they can take it off when it is necessary to see the ball during a play. The rest of the gear is intended to prevent stray pitches and tipped balls from hurting the catcher who has to prevent the balls from rolling away.

How are EvoShield baseball helmets made?

Baseball players need a few different kinds of helmets. When they are batting, they could use equipment to protect their head from an errant pitch. EvoShield’s baseball helmets come in senior and junior sizes. They offer the Impact Batting Helmet which has lightweight dual-density padding, a rubberized matte finish, pre-mounted hardware, and a venting system of easy breathing. EvoShield helmets also have ear flaps. A few models will also include mouth and jaw protectors.

What are arm pads in softball?

Softball players wear pads and guards on their arms, especially the wrists and forearms. These are less for protection against the ball and more to provide a layer that is intended to keep the player from getting scrapes and scratches when diving or sliding. The grass and the dirt on the field can be rough on unprotected skin, and these pads are intended to assist the uniform in shielding your arms and legs.

EvoShield offers a collection of protective gear for players to wear when batting, catching, playing outfield and infield, and running bases. Some of these include the EvoCharge protective wrist guard, the Sliding Wrist Guard, the Batter’s Elbow Guard, or the Batter’s Leg Guard.

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