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Mazda5 Antennas

For many drivers, listening to tunes or talk radio is one of their favorite parts of cruising down the road in a Mazda5. To pick up radio signals, the car must have a working antenna. Replacement antennas can solve reception woes, and they can also customize the look of a manual or an automatic Mazda car.

Where does the antenna mount to on a Mazda5?

Mazda5 cars are manufactured with the antenna mounted on the roof. The antenna is placed at the back of the roof and is offset toward the right side of the wagon. Most replacement antennas for these manual or automatic transmission vehicles attach to this same spot on the roof.

What antenna styles are available for a Mazda crossover?

When putting a replacement antenna on your AWD Mazda Mazda5, you can install an accessory that is similar in style to your original part, or you can customize your cars look with a different type of antenna.

  • Mast: These are tall, straight antennas that sit on top of Mazda minivans. They may have a twisted shape, and they are usually black. They are also known as whip antennas.
  • Short mast: Like mast antennas, these are straight rods. However, these are shorter than standard whip antennas. They are usually black, and they can also be called stub antennas.
  • Shark fin: This style of antenna is named for its shape, which resembles a dorsal fin. It can also be called a blade antenna or a low-profile antenna. The fin-shaped housing fits over the working components of the antenna. This style lends a sleek look to the vehicle roof, and it usually has an aerodynamic shape that improves fuel economy by reducing drag. Its color often matches the paint color of the SUVs body.
How does a replacement antenna attach to the car?

If your original antenna wiring is in good shape, you may be able to use a screw-on antenna. This style connects to the original mounting system that is already present on your vehicle. The old antenna unscrews, and the new one screws directly onto the mounting threads.

A shark-fin model of antenna will have components that screw onto the mounting hardware. It will also have adhesive that attaches the cover to the roof of the minivan.

When should you replace your antenna?
  • Bent or broken: If your Mazda Mazda5 Grand Touring antenna snaps off or becomes bent out of shape, a replacement accessory can restore the look of your car.
  • Too tall: The antenna that came on your all-wheel drive Mazda may be problematic when pulling out of the garage or when going through a car wash. Installing a smaller antenna can reduce the risk of bumping the accessory in low-clearance places.
  • Poor reception: Even if your antenna is still intact, it may not pick up radio signals as well as it used to. Your reception may improve after mounting a replacement antenna.