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Car and Truck Exterior Door Handles for Cadillac Escalade

The door handle seems like an unassuming part of your car, but if something goes wrong with the handle on your car door, you will experience inconvenience and expose your belongings. You will need to replace your door handles if they stop working as they are intended to work. Fortunately, you can select them so that you can get exactly what fits your Cadillac Escalade.

What does OEM mean?

In the context of cars, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It refers to the company that made each part that went into your vehicle when it was new. It is common for the major auto companies to acquire car parts from specific vendors rather than building them internally. For your Cadillac Escalade needs, keep in mind that the OEM handle will be as close as possible to the original look, feel, and functionality of the car. The alternative is an aftermarket handle. These are designed to be added on to existing Escalades as replacements or modifications. They might have a special design, paint, or some other difference that sets them apart.

Do you need to buy new handles for your Cadillac?

As with other vehicle parts, you can usually find the elements of a handle in refurbished editions. A refurb has been pre-used, but it should be clean and in good condition. Sometimes, a refurb is useful to help you track down a model that is no longer in production. Other times, you might want to get a new edition for your Cadillac Escalade because you want to maximize its lifetime. Both have their advantages and they expand your options for a handle that suits your needs.

Are there different types of Cadillac Escalade door handles?

There are two main categories. You can opt for a straightforward replacement that does exactly what the old handle did and looks the same as well. However, you can also choose a performance handle that has a specific feature or style that you prefer. These might diverge from the original design of the handle. Take a look at the available models for your Cadillac Escalade to determine if there might be some new approach you want to take.

When should you replace the door handle on a Cadillac?

It depends on the nature of the issue. Take a moment to view how well it works on your Cadillac Escalade, especially the lock. Can you close and open the door without a problem? A handle that is slightly affected might not need an immediate replacement, but one that does not lock properly can present an issue.