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Car and Truck Exterior Door Handles for the Mazda 5

Many Mazda 5 owners enjoy the flexibility and independence that comes from being able to perform repairs on their own vehicle when needed. On occasion, door handles can wear down, break, or be removed from the Mazda 5 due to standard wear and tear or impact. It is important to know how to replace your own door handle on the Mazda 5, and knowing about your options concerning different door hardware and pricing can make the process that much easier.

What are common exterior door handle colors?

Black, silver, and white are the most commonly seen colors on exterior door handles for the Mazda 5. There are numerous other color options for door handles if you want to customize your vehicle, including clear and chrome handles. You can also have your door handle customized to fit whatever paint type, graphic, or pattern you might have on your Mazda 5.

What are different placement options for door handles?
  • Front
  • Left
  • Right
  • Rear
  • Tailgate
  • Trunk/ Hatch
What are examples of brands that manufacture handles?
  • Mazda (for factory-brand replacement handles)
  • Dorman
  • Aftermarket Products
  • Prozone
  • Martins
  • TuneWay
  • Sundely
How do you remove and install exterior car door handles?
  • First, remove any bolts and screws from the inner door handle. These might be covered by plastic, so you will have to remove the cover prior to removing the screws. Be careful to avoid any damage to the vehicle’s upholstery when you remove the inner door panel.
  • Next, some cars may have waterproofing paper around the door sides that will also need to be removed.
  • Remove all fastening devices from the current door handle. Be sure to note where in the door the handle has been secured so that you can easily replace the handle with the same equipment. If possible, refer to the Mazda 5 owners manual for additional details about how individual handles are secured.
  • Finally, remove the old part and completely detach it from the door. Place the new piece in the same location and secure it to the vehicle using the proper equipment. Be sure to test that the handle is securely installed and that it opens the door properly. Once you confirm that the door hardware has been properly installed, put the interior door panel back into place. Use a rubber hammer to gently tap down any clips or loose parts and ensure there are no snags or tears in the interior fabric.