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Buick Enclave Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

If you are a savvy motorist choosing to change from a car to a Buick Enclave SUV model as your primary means of transportation, you need information on what Buick can offer as an effective, maneuverable exterior mirror. Buick realizes that if they offer excellent visibility for their mirrors, then the transition from driving a car to driving a Buick Enclave will run as smoothly as any Buick product itself.

What exterior mirrors are available for the Buick Enclave?

There are a range of mirror styles for your Buick to suit your preferences. By being adjustable from the interior of your vehicle, Enclave outside mirrors provide the safest way to suit each individual driver of the Buick according to his or her height while seated.

In addition to being adjustable, you have a choice to pick the standard mirror or one that features a smaller mirror within it. This smaller mirror shows any car approaching in what is called the “hidden spot,” making it easier to change lanes without a collision.

You will need to specify left hand or right hand placement when you replace your Buick mirror. As for colors, most Buick mirrors come in black to complement any of your Buick Enclave colors. Other colors are available, too. You can easily coordinate your mirror frames to match your Buicks exterior.

When should exterior Buick Enclave mirrors be replaced?

Due to their protrusion on the outside of the Enclave, outside mirrors can get scratched, broken, or torn off completely. Age and weather can also wear down your mirrors. Safety demands that outside mirrors give clear sights to the rear. So when you do not have a clear sight of approaching cars, this may be a good time to replace them.

How do you install exterior mirrors on a Buick Enclave?
  1. If the previous mirror suffered being torn off, some minor repair of the exterior surface of your Buick Enclave may be necessary using Bondo filler and resin. After the metallic surface becomes smooth and sturdy enough to support the new mirror, then you may ensure that the bolt holes match the bolt holes in the replacement mirror. Drilling new holes may be necessary.
  2. If you simply switch out the mirrors, be careful to remove the old mirror without further scratching the paint on the Buick Enclave. Compare the old Enclave mirror with the new one and if it is the type containing wiring for automatic adjusting via a small interior lever, label the wires for proper placement inside the new mirror.
  3. Using needle nose pliers, connect the wires to the new mirror.
  4. Secure the new mirror using pliers on the bolts and nuts.