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Cadillac Escalade Exterior Mirrors

Exterior mirrors are an important safety feature of your Cadillac Escalade SUV. These side mirrors help you see more of the world around you, including other vehicles on the road. If your Cadillac Escalade exterior mirrors need replaced, its important to find the right size for your model.

Are there different options for Escalade exterior mirrors?

Some luxury versions of the Escalade will come with higher-end accessories. If your Cadillac didnt come with all the extras, you may just have a basic version of an exterior mirror. Either way, there are various options to choose from.

  • Power mirrors: These mirrors are easily adjustable with a button inside your vehicle. Manual mirrors require you to use your hand to adjust them.
  • Folding mirrors: A folding mirror can be folded in toward your Escalade. This is a useful feature to use in car washes or other tight spots where you dont need the mirror but wish to protect it.
  • Heated: A heated mirror easily clears itself of fog, snow, and ice. The rear defrost button in your Escalade will automatically turn on your heated mirrors.
  • Turn signal: With these models, an arrow on the mirror lights up when you turn. This is an additional safety feature that helps other cars on the road.
Are all Cadillac Escalade mirrors interchangeable?

You will want to ensure that your mirrors are designated to fit your specific Cadillac. Different sizes and shapes exist, meaning not all mirrors are interchangeable. In addition, if you want to exchange your right sided mirror, but not your left, you need to make sure you are ordering the correct side.

What is mirror memory?

Some Cadillac Escalades feature mirror memory. This is the same concept as your seat and steering wheel memory. When you choose this setting, your car will automatically remember your chosen mirror angles. This is a useful feature when more than one person shares a vehicle. A driver who is taller than another will want his or her mirrors adjusted differently than a shorter driver.

How should you clean your Cadillacs exterior mirrors?

Your exterior mirrors are made of the same material as a regular mirror. You can clean them just as you would any glass. To keep them streak free, make sure you rub the glass in small circles instead of long stripes. Some car owners may like to use a glass cleaner on their mirrors. A good quality microfiber cloth and water should be sufficient most of the time.