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Chevrolet Avalanche Exterior Mirrors

When you need a towing capacity that is greater than 5,000 pounds, the Chevrolet Avalanche is a pickup that you may want to consider. This Chevrolet vehicle is designed for ruggedness, and its multifunctional exterior mirror assemblies are designed to provide a lot of inherent versatility and safety for Avalanche drivers. Whether you have the standard or LTZ variation of the vehicle, if you need to replace your mirror assembly, there are many options.

What is the Avalanche Lane Change Alert System?

This feature of the exterior mirrors on the Chevrolet Avalanche helps you let other drivers on the road know when you’re signaling. When it’s time to change lanes, all vehicles on the road have lights that will flash on the rear and the front of the car. With a system such as this one, the mirrors also have a signaling display that’s shaped like an arrow.

While many cars that are driven on the road today have signaling lights, this truck from Chevy actually has the lights embedded in the glass surface of the mirrors. This means that it feels much more streamlined on this model Chevrolet, and the internal lights shine bright enough that most vehicles will be able to clearly see your intent to turn or change lanes.

Why does this auto sometimes have a multi-surfaced mirror assembly?

With this truck, there are two types of mirrors available. One has a larger body with a single mirrored surface and the other has a more towing-friendly dual-mirrored surface. Both mirrors have a towing mirror design so that you can reduce the size of the blind spot that occurs when you’re towing a load, but the two-mirrored surface allows you to set the two mirrors so that you can see more of the road. Both make towing more convenient, and which product you select will vary based on the size of the load you’re intending to haul.

How does the heating function work on the Chevrolet mirrors?

When you’re driving in a snowstorm, snow and ice can easily accumulate on the glass surface of your mirror. This can pose a significant risk during inclement weather, which is why heating coils inside of the mirror body itself can help keep you safe when you’re driving your Chevrolet in these conditions. These typically will activate when you enable your rear defrosters, which are also called demisters.

Is it beneficial to have automatic powered Chevrolet mirrors?

One of the chief benefits of these types of mirrors is the fact that you’ll be able to use a control pad on your door to control both mirrors right from the Chevrolet Avalanches leather seats. This is convenient for just about anyone and can even be considered a safety feature. It makes it safer for you to change the passenger mirror’s positioning on your Chevrolet while you’re driving. Additionally, some versions of this mirror will also allow you to automatically fold it in when you’re parking the vehicle.