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Exterior Mirrors for Chevrolet K3500 Help Road Safety

If you want to make sure that you can view whats behind your Chevy whether youre backing up or driving down the highway, the chrome pickup mirrors in this variety available on eBay might be exactly what you need. Whichever type of K3500 Chevrolet model you have, take a look at these commonly asked customer questions before you make a final decision on purchasing new or used mirrors from eBay.

What types of Chevy K3500 mirrors are there?

All of the mirrors available among these listings are designed to be compatible with your class of Chevy vehicle. There are quite a few differences between the various models. However, all of the different Chevrolet pickup mirrors in this category can be sorted into one of the following categories:

  • Folding mirrors: These mirrors are on hinges, and they can be folded into a recessed position against the sides of your Chevrolet pickup. This feature can be convenient at the car wash, if you plan to park your Chevy on a busy street, or if your garage doesnt have much clearance on either side.
  • Non-folding mirrors: These Chevrolet mirrors dont have hinges, and they are quite sturdy and economical. They connect to your truck with durable bolts, and they have thick plastic connecting arms.
  • Towing mirrors: Chevrolet towing mirrors are designed specifically with towing vehicles in mind. Towing mirrors stick out a considerable distance from the sides of your truck, and they can be minutely adjusted until they are at the exact angle you need to be able to see behind your trailer or RV effectively.
Are Chevrolet K3500 mirrors heated?

Some of the Chevy mirrors available from eBay are heated. If you park your car outside overnight, this feature can be incredibly useful. When you start your truck in the morning, small heaters in your mirrors kick on to begin the process of removing frost from your mirrors.

How do you pick the right mirrors for your truck?

As you select from the mirrors among these listings, the most important factor to consider is the year that your car was made. Once youve found mirrors that fit your exact truck, youll need to decide between the various style options that are available.

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