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Chevrolet S10 Truck Exterior Mirrors

If you’re looking for a compact pickup truck that can manage a good amount of weight and is reliable, then the Chevrolet S10 is a good option. This Chevrolet pickup has an automatic transmission, a sizing that makes it only slightly larger than some trucks, and great towing features. One of the more useful towing features of this vehicle is its well-designed towing mirrors that provide a lot of great functionality for the S10.

Why is this exterior mirror considered a towing mirror?

When you’re driving a truck that will be towing items, you simply cannot use a standard car exterior mirror. For this reason, Chevrolet designed the S10 with towing mirrors. Towing mirrors are longer so that you can see around the item that you’re towing, which means that you’ll experience less of a blind spot and be able to drive more safely.

As a result of these mirrors, while you sit in the cab of the truck, you’ll be able to see not just the cars around you, but you’ll also be able to see if there are any issues happening with the item that you’re towing. While towing mirrors like the ones on this Chevrolet are longer, just about all can be folded inward so that there’s no danger of damage during parking.

What are some extra features available in the S10 mirrors?

This model of Chevy has a few options when it comes to exterior mirror features. As a result of the powered nature of some of these features, the mirror itself is wired to the inside of the truck through the door assembly, so replacement will require that you open up the door paneling:

  • Heating: When the weather outside is cold, frost and ice will form on your mirror so that it will be hard to see through the glass reflective surface. With mirrors that have internal heating elements, you’ll be able to defrost this component at the same time as you activate your rear defrosters.
  • Power mirror: While it’s relatively easy to adjust a mirror manually, when you’re driving, reaching over to the passenger side mirror can be a very unsafe. Fortunately, you’ll find that many S10 mirrors are designed with powered functionality. This means that you’ll be able to adjust the positioning of the mirror on both the driver and passenger side with a control pad that’s inside your cab.
  • Signaling: While this feature is typically only available in the aftermarket, signaling lights add a bit of extra safety to your mirror. With these, you’ll be able to let people beside you know when you’re about to change lanes, turn, or even engage your brakes.
What does it mean to have textured mirrors?

One of the features of the mirrors on the S10 is that they have unique texturing. This feature is mainly a tactile and aesthetic aspect and doesn’t change the functionality of the mirror itself. That being said, as a result of the texturing, you’ll not really be able to paint this type of exterior mirror.