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Chevrolet Sonic Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

Despite the numerous safety features in your Chevrolet Sonic hatchback or sedan designed to warn you of other cars around you when you drive, the obviously trustworthy is still simple: your side-view mirrors. With that in mind, the importance of keeping your Sonics side-view reflectors in top condition is easy to see.

What are the features of a Sonics side-view mirrors?

Your Chevrolet cars side-view reflectors offer plenty of functions that make them easy to use.

  • Power: Both operators and passengers side reflectors are adjustable using a simple switch on the operators side, located near the power window controls. This allows precise adjustment of each reflector to provide a optimal view for the driver.
  • Folding: Both side-view mirrors fold in manually to protect them while having your car washed or while driving down a particularly tight back alley.
  • Color: Both reflectors are color-matched to the body of your vehicle to give it a sleek, upscale look.
  • Heated: Some trim levels offer heated side-view mirrors to clear away ice, snow, frost, and fog to ensure you always have a clear view.
How do you select the proper side-view mirrors?

Ensuring you select the correct side-view mirrors the first time is crucial to getting back on the road as soon as possible.

  • First, keep in mind what side you need a replacement for, as they are not interchangeable. If you tried to match up the mounting bracket on the wrong side, the mirror would be upside down.
  • Second, dont buy a reflector with features your original reflector isnt equipped with. For example, if your original reflector was not equipped with heating, dont buy a replacement that is, as you will not be able to enable this feature.
  • Third, if you buy an Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM reflector, ensure you purchase the correct color to match your vehicle (or purchase a different color if you want to mix it up a little).
  • Finally, some Chevrolet Sonics are equipped with manual reflectors, while others are equipped with power reflectors. These types are not interchangeable, so ensure you purchase the correct type.
How do you install a side-view mirror on a Sonic?

Chevrolet has designed the side-view reflectors on your Chevrolet Sonic to be easy to replace. All you need to do the job is a small trim removal tool and a 10mm socket wrench.

  • First, remove the trim covering the bolts holding the mirror in place. There is a small separate piece that covers one of the bolts.
  • Second, disconnect the power reflector electrical connection and remove the three bolts holding the reflector in place, making sure you hold the reflector while taking out the last bolt.
  • Third, position the new mirror, attach the new bolts, and reattach the electrical connection.
  • Finally, reinstall the trim pieces and test to make sure the reflector is moving as it should.