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Exterior Mirrors for Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet Traverse Car & Truck Exterior Mirrors

Chevrolets Traverse AWDs come in both full-size and crossover SUV styles. Like all other vehicles, it features exterior mirrors that assist you with seeing everything around you when you drive. If you need or want to change the exterior mirrors on your Chevrolet, read on to learn more.

Are exterior mirror assemblies interchangeable on all Traverse passenger SUVs?

While Chevrolet created much universality with these assemblies, not all of them fit the same way. Each Traverse mirror kit includes the complete assembly with the cover, glass, and hardware. They can be painted to match the auto once they’ve been installed.

The trim packages on the 2009 to 2012 Traverse will require the same glass replacements. Regardless of whether its a Base, LS, LT, or LTZ, the left and right mirrors require the same version. It includes components that are power-driven, heated, and manual-folding. The Chevrolet Traverse models for this year range are streamlined. They are in the SUV class of vehicle, but they also qualify as a minivan. The mirrors in this category complete the aerodynamic and sporty look. There are packages that you might have added to the Chevy Traverse mirror, such as turn signals and power folding.

The look for the Traverse has remained just as sleek for the 2014 to 2017 years. The trim package was updated somewhat in 2013, but the exterior mirrors continued with the same requirements. While Chevrolet maintained the Base, LS, LT, trim packages through 2017, they also made some changes in 2017. The Premier model replaced the LTZ, and they added a new trim package to the LS.

Can additional mirrors be added to Chevrolet Traverse mirrors?

If youre wanting to take extra precautions when backing up or changing lanes, Chevy offers a variety of convex mirrors.

One of the mirrors available for this Chevrolet is the 2-pack wide-angle convex pack thats a rectangular shape. Its 9.5 x 3.5 cm (3.75 x 1.38 inches) that allows for versatility in placement on your glass. Its up to you to decide where it will fit best. Other adhesive options are the round convex that comes in both stationary and movable designs. The somewhat curved triangular convex fits right in the corner of your existing mirror to assist in seeing the blind spot.

A universal safety wide-angle mirror that fits as an additional attachment on top of the existing mirror provides a much more expansive view. The single 11.5L x 5.5W x 3D cm (4.53 x 2.17 x 1.18 inches) mounts to the top of the wing mirror. This item is featured in a black finish and includes hardware.

Is there a way the mirrors can be defogged?

Aftermarket defogging mirrors are available with built-in heaters to quickly clear your exterior mirrors.