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Chevrolet Uplander Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

No Chevrolet car or truck is complete and safe without properly working exterior mirrors. When looking for exterior mirrors to serve as replacements the existing parts in your Uplander, it is vital that you get ones that are compatible with your vehicle’s make and model.

What is the importance of exterior mirrors?

These mirrors are crucial to the safety of drivers and passengers on the road. They enable the driver to see the vehicles behind them. They are essential when entering the road, leaving a lane, parking, reversing, and even when turning. Exterior mirrors can also help improve the aesthetic of your Chevrolet Uplander on both the drivers side and passenger side.

What are some exterior mirrors types for the Chevrolet Uplander?

There are different types of wing mirrors that are available for your Chevy. Before you decide to buy any mirrors, you have to know the year of make for your car. The different types of exterior mirrors include:

  • Convex mirror - These types of mirrors provide a broad angular view and a fuller field of vision. With this type of mirror, you’ll be able to see more objects behind you.
  • Planar mirrors - Just like many household mirrors, these mirrors have a flat surface. They reflect the actual representation of the objects behind you.
  • Aspheric mirrors - These mirrors have a non-spherical surface and get rid of any light distortion on the surface of the mirror.
What are the different types of side-view mirrors?

The Chevrolet Uplander has two basic types of side-view mirrors: manual and electric. The electric side mirrors are operated with a button and are easy to use. They can only be adjusted when the vehicles engine is running. Conversely, manual side mirrors can be adjusted whether or not the car’s power is on since they have to be adjusted by hand.

What features should you look for when buying power side-mirrors?
  • Electric folding - These Chevy side mirrors fold inward or outward by the touch of a button.
  • Heated - Side mirrors powered by electricity can also be designed with built-in defrosters and defoggers.
  • Dimming function - Dimming mirrors can automatically dim when a sharp light flashes onto their surface. This will allow you to see reflections clearly in all light situations.
  • Puddle lights - Puddle lights are located at the bottom of side-view mirrors, and they direct the light to the ground when the car is opened.
  • Memory - These side-view mirrors have a memory function that enables you to program the position of the mirror.