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Exterior Mirrors for Ford Escape

Ford Escape Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

The exterior mirrors on the Ford Escape are vulnerable to damage from sideswipes, debris, and other obstacles when you drive. They are a common repair need on many vehicles. Luckily, there are many different replacement mirrors available with different characteristics, shapes, and features for your Ford truck or SUV.

What is an OEM Ford Escape mirror?

OEM is an auto industry abbreviation that is short for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When a car company builds a new car or truck, it does not make all the parts itself; some are outsourced to other companies. These are the OEMs because they are the first manufacturers assigned to produce a given part. Each year and model of Ford will have an OEM for each part. Any part sold with the designation "OEM" came from that company. It is important because the OEM parts are an exact replacement for the mirror that originally came with your Ford Escape when it was brand new. Any mirror or mirror part that is not OEM falls into the category of aftermarket. An aftermarket mirror can differ from the original component in design or material. It can still fit your Ford Escape, but you’ll need to be careful to check that it’s compatible.

What mirror parts are available for the Ford Escape?

There are six main parts for Escape SUV mirrors available. They are the blind spot mirror, mirror glass, the rear-view mirror, the side mirror, the mirror casing, and the mirror clamp. You can also purchase whole mirrors. The clamp, glass, and casing are components to every mirror, while the blind spot mirror and other parts are extras that are not strictly necessary. Depending on the model and year of Ford that you have, various mirror components may or may not fit because the design of the vehicle, especially the electronics and the door, have changed over time. Ensure that you have parts that will fit your car before buying anything.

What features can Ford Escape truck mirrors have?

A standard mirror can show the road behind you, but this still leaves a blind spot that is to the side of your vehicle because you cannot easily see there without turning your head at a significant angle. A blind spot mirror is a small insert into a full side mirror that is set at a different angle, which allows you to see into your blind spots on both sides quickly and conveniently. Other extra features include heating to deal with snow and fog, a lamp for visibility, folding to pull the mirror in for more clearance, and a power motor for easier adjustments. Theyre good to install when you want extra safety behind the wheel.