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Exterior Mirrors for Ford F-250

Ford F-250 Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

The Ford F-250 Super Duty is a powerful pickup truck with a large crew cab and wide-set towing mirrors. Over time, you may want more features in your mirrors or you may need to replace the factory-installed variations for a wide variety of reasons. With a large selection of Ford F-250 car and truck exterior mirrors, you can find the right replacement or uprgrade for your F-250.

Why do some exterior units on this vehicle telescope outwards?

As a larger diesel vehicle, the Ford F-250 Super Duty has a lot of power so that it can tow larger items like travel trailers, fifth wheel hitches, and campers. Unfortunately, when you’re pulling larger items like this, if you had standard mirrors, you wouldn’t be able to see everything from the crew cab of the F-250 Super Duty. The larger size and telescoping ability of the towing mirrors on this Super Duty pickup truck allow you to see around what you’re pulling reducing the blind spot.

Additionally, these devices usually have two different glass surfaces so that you can have a complete view of what is around you on both sides. They can even be folded inwards so that the exterior mirrors are protected when you’re parked.

What are some useful features?

This truck has a fairly complex side assembly that allows for some extended features that make day-to-day use much easier. These include:

  • Powered telescoping: With some side mounted assemblies, the telescoping feature is entirely manual. Fortunately, with the F-250, you can have a completely powered experience that allows you to extend the reflective glass surfaces to your preference with the flip of a switch. This is useful when you’re not pulling anything so that you can have the reflective glass surface fairly close to the crew cab or when you’re pulling a trailer and need a fuller extension.
  • Powered adjustability: This truck has a reflective glass surface that has two parts so that you can have a fuller viewing experience when you’re towing something. On some units, each of these reflective glass surfaces can be adjusted via a control pad on the inside of the door of your Ford.
  • Side-view signal lights: When it’s time to make a turn or change your lane, most vehicles have a front and back signaling system for other drivers. With F-250 vehicles like the XLT, you can get a signaling light on the exterior towing mirror so that people driving beside you can see that you’re turning.
  • Internal Heating: As a Super Duty truck, the F-250 has the ability to withstand a wide variety of weather conditions. If you live in a colder area, a replacement mirror with internal heating can be very useful. These type of towing mirrors have internal coils that heat up the glass surface so that ice and fog are removed when you activate your truck’s defrosters.