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Ford Focus Exterior Mirrors

Ford Focus exterior mirrors can be found in a number of styles with several different features. Mirrors are made from durable materials. Cleaning them regularly will help to maintain vehicle safety and driver visibility.

What types of mirrors are there?

Ford Focus exterior mirrors can be found in many different styles, including heated, non-heated, foldable, stationary, coated, non-coated, manually adjusted, and power adjusted.

  • Focus heated mirrors are defogged or defrosted using a switch or button in the driver’s door or the dashboard.
  • Focus foldable mirrors have a hinge near the car so that the mirrored glass portion of the feature can fold toward the car. This may be convenient in areas with lots of traffic or in small spaces. Foldable mirrors should only be collapsed when the Focus is parked. Stationary mirrors stay extended at all times and may need to be adjusted less often.
  • Focus coated mirrors have a layer on them that makes glare less offensive. Headlights or sunlight coming from behind the vehicle may be tempered so that it does not distract the driver in terms of visibility.
  • Manually adjusted mirrors are built to be angled up, down, left, and right by applying pressure directly to the mirror with fingers. Focus power adjusted mirrors can be moved with a switch or button in the operator’s door or in the dashboard, depending on the model year of the Ford Focus. Each type of mirror is effective at helping the operator see as far as possible around the car in either direction.
What are mirrors made from?

Mirrors on the exterior are typically made from a combination of durable plastic, metal, and reflective glass. The cap around the mirror is built to be as rugged as possible in order to protect the mirrored glass. Due to its function, the cap typically overhangs the mirror slightly. The mirrored glass may be treated to help it withstand changing temperatures.

How do you care for exterior mirrors?

If Ford Focus outside reflectors become dirty between car washes, mix warm water and soap together. Rub the parts until they are free of dirt. Rinse them with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth, taking care not to scratch them. You may remove hard water spots on the reflective glass with a mixture of three parts baking powder and one part of vinegar. Apply this paste to the mirror, and wait until it dries. Rinse it off once it hardens and the spots should disappear with it.