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Ford Windstar Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

No matter where you roam in your Ford Windstar, keeping you and your family safe is always your main concern. Your Windstars side-view mirrors play an important role in this goal, ensuring youre always aware of the vehicles that are around you. Therefore, having properly functioning Ford Windstar car and truck exterior mirrors is an important concern as you seek to maintain your van.

How do you maintain side-view mirrors on a Windstar?

Ensuring you always have a clear, unobstructed view of the vehicles around you is essential to a safe road trip. To keep your side-view mirrors looking and working in peak condition, here are a few things you can do to maintain their performance.

  • Regular cleaning: Regardless if youre not doing a full exterior wash and detail on your Windstar, its still important to clean your mirrors. Use a purpose-made glass cleaner to prevent streaks and smudges from forming on the surface of the glass.
  • Special care: Be sure to avoid any abrasive cleaners or fabrics on the mirror glass as these may lead to pitting, rusting, cracking, or scratching on your glass, which will impede your view.
  • Dry: Your Windstars side-view mirror housing can sometimes accumulate precipitation, such as rain, ice, and snow. When possible, adjust the mirror glass as far as it will go in both directions to dry and clean the mirror housing. This helps prevent rust and helps you catch rust early on if it does begin to form so you can immediately correct the issue.
  • Use Patience: If you live in or drive to a colder climate in your Ford Windstar, its important to exercise patience with your mirrors when theyre frozen. Dont try to adjust them while they are frozen in place, otherwise, you could damage the glass, housing, or motor.
What types of mirrors are available for a Ford Windstar

If your Fords side-view mirrors need a repair or replacement, its important to select the right components to ensure the right fit and seamless operation. You can purchase the individual components of the mirror, including the housing, the mirror glass, and the mirror switch that is located inside your Ford Windstar. Each of these components is available as an Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM component as well as an aftermarket model. Also, when youre selecting glass or a mirror housing for your Ford truck, you need to choose the correct mirror for the front drivers or passengers sides. Though theyre designed to look the same, they are not. Therefore, if you buy a component for the opposite side, youd have to install it upside down on the side youre working on to get it to fit if it fits at all.