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Infiniti G37 Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

The Infiniti G37 is a luxury car that is available in coupe, sedan, or convertible body styles. This vehicle has exterior mirrors that allow you to see your surroundings while driving. You can replace Infiniti G37 car and truck exterior mirrors if they become damaged.

How do Infiniti G37 exterior mirrors work?

The mirrors that are located on the exterior of your Infiniti help you see cars and other obstacles around you. Using your mirrors while driving allows you to act defensively and may help prevent collisions or accidents. Mirrors can be adjusted at different angles for drivers of different heights and eyesight abilities. They can be used to see behind and beside your Infiniti to help with parking, changing lanes, and other aspects of driving.

Do Infiniti G37 exterior mirrors come painted?

Some mirrors come painted, and you may be able to find options that are in the same color as your vehicle. Look for mirrors that are labeled as compatible with your make, model, and color of G37. To match the exact paint color, providing your VIN number can help you get the exact shade. Your car may also have the name of your exact paint shade on the inside of the drivers side door jamb.

How do you install exterior mirrors on the Infiniti G37?

Most Infiniti G37 car and truck exterior mirrors are relatively easy to install. If you are replacing existing mirrors due to damage, you can simply attach them after the removal of the old ones. Exterior mirrors may or may not come with the hardware required for installation. So be sure to double check what you need. Most car mirrors are held on with screws and require no specialized tools or mechanical knowledge for installation. The installation process does include some basic electrical connections that involve your mirror controls.

Are there different exterior mirrors for the Infiniti G37?

The exterior mirrors on the Infiniti G37 come in driver side or passenger side options. When searching for a mirror, its important to note that the term "OEM" means a factory produced part. If you want genuine Infinity mirrors, be sure to look for this term in the description. There are also aftermarket options for your Infinity that come from other manufacturers. They may come with extra features.

How do you choose the right Infiniti exterior mirrors?

The exterior mirrors for the Infiniti G37 are designed to fit based on the year of your G37. Once you choose the mirrors based on your Infiniti model, you can then choose between options that are already painted to match your G37 or mirrors that can be painted a matching color once you receive them.