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Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors for Infiniti QX60

For many Infiniti QX60 AWD models, the exterior mirrors are adjustable, allowing drivers to achieve better visibility. When QX60 drivers need new mirrors, they should select options that are compatible with their Infiniti SUV year. With a wide selection of exterior mirrors for your Infiniti QX60, getting the right mirrors for your drive is easy.

What features do Infiniti QX60 mirrors have?

These premium Infiniti vehicles often come equipped with adjustable exterior mirrors, also known as power mirrors. This distinguishes them from mirrors that have to be adjusted by hand. These mirrors come with features such as:

  • Adjust the Angle: Using the switches located on the vehicle door, drivers can adjust the angle of their exterior mirrors. There is a right switch and a left switch, which control the applicable exterior mirror and a directional control switch which controls mirror position.
  • Fold: QX60 mirrors can be folded in or out. One switch folds the mirrors closed, while another folds the mirrors open.
  • Reverse Tilt-Down: To ensure maximum rear visibility, some Infiniti QX60 vehicles come with a reverse tilt-down feature. It is automatically activated when the Infiniti QX60 is put in reverse. Drivers can turn this feature on and off using the relevant switch.
  • Heated: Some Infiniti vehicles have heated mirrors. This means that the mirror can heat up on command, which makes defrosting simple in cold weather conditions.
  • Signal Light: QX60 mirrors often have built-in signal-lights, providing other drivers on the road with one more indication that the QX60 is about to turn.
  • Cameras: Built-in mirror cameras help to promote wider visibility and remove blind spots. Some QX60 models come with cameras, and drivers without this feature can find compatible replacement mirrors that offer it.
What exterior mirror options are available for the Infiniti QX60?

When choosing replacement mirrors, Infiniti owners have two basic choices, drivers side mirrors and passengers side mirrors. By choosing mirrors with extra features, Infiniti owners can further customize their vehicle. When purchasing an entire power system, drivers will also receive the mirror mount and any necessary wiring components.

How do I find a mirror compatible with my QX60?

Many Infiniti drivers can find an exact, Infiniti-manufactured match for their QX60 year. This ensures that their new replacement mirror will work with their Infiniti QX60. Some drivers, however, may choose an aftermarket mirror that is compatible with their Infiniti, especially if theyre looking to upgrade their exterior mirror system. Before buying, however, drivers should make sure their new power mirror is compatible with their wiring setup