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Exterior Mirrors for Lexus RX330

Lexus RX 330 exterior mirrors can be found in many styles. Each has slightly different features to serve a variety of purposes, providing visibility as you drive. With a wide selection of exterior mirrors, you can find the right replacements for your Lexus RX330 model.

What styles of mirrors are there?

Several different styles of mirrors can be found for the Lexus RX330 SUV, including manually adjusted, power adjusted, heated, non-heated, coated, non-coated, collapsible, and stationary.

  • Manually-adjusted mirrors are designed to be manipulated physically with pressure from fingertips to adjust the angle up, down, left, and right. Power-adjusted mirrors are available for some model years and are controlled by a switch or button in the driver’s side door or dash to achieve the same effect. The goal is to angle the mirror so that the driver can see as far as possible around both sides of the Lexus RX330.
  • Heated mirrors are able to be defrosted or defogged using a different control on the driver’s door or in the dashboard. Non-heated mirrors can be defrosted or defogged by turning the Lexus on several minutes before operating the vehicle. A snow brush or ice scraper can also be used to prepare the mirrors for driving.
  • Coated mirrors have a layer of material on them that reduces glare from the sun or headlights behind the Lexus RX330. Non-coated mirrors lack this layer but can be paired with sunglasses to achieve a similar outcome.
  • Collapsible mirrors are equipped with a hinge near the body of the Lexus RX 330 that allows the reflective portion to fold toward the car when it is parked in high traffic areas or those with space concerns, which may decrease the chance of a mirror getting hit by another vehicle or object. Lexus RX 330 stationary mirrors remain extended at all times and may need to be adjusted less as a result of the lack of movement.
What are exterior mirrors made from?

Typically, Lexus RX 330 exterior mirrors are made from metal, plastic, and glass, with a durable exterior cap to protect the glass portion. Lexus mirrors can be coated with black plastic or painted to match the rest of the vehicle’s coloring. Reflective glass comprises the mirrored part and may be treated with pressure or temperature for strength and durability.

How do you clean exterior mirrors?

You can clean Lexus exterior mirrors by mixing warm water with gentle soap, and then applying the solution to the Lexus RX 330s mirrors and rub until all debris is eliminated. Rinse the mirrors with clean water and then dry them with a clean, soft cloth. You may also polish the outside caps of exterior mirrors to enhance shine and protection. If hard water spots develop on mirrors, apply three parts baking powder and one part vinegar as a paste. Allow the substance to harden before rinsing it away.