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Lexus RX 350 Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors

A variety of different exterior mirror designs and the associated parts are available for the Lexus RX 350. Some have custom features to serve a range of functional purposes on the vehicle. Cleaning your mirrors regularly will help to maximize driving visibility.

What Lexus RX 350 exterior mirrors are available?

Several different styles of exterior mirrors are available for your custom Lexus, including collapsible, stationary, heated, non-heated, manually adjusted, power adjusted, coated, and non-coated.

  • Collapsible mirrors have a hinge near the body of the SUV that allows the mirror portion to fold in toward the car in areas with high traffic flow or particularly small parking spots. This may reduce the risk of being hit by other cars. Stationary mirrors stay extended at all times, which may mean that they need to be readjusted less often.
  • Heated mirrors can be defrosted or defogged with the use of a switch or button on the driver’s side door or dashboard. A non-heated mirror can be defrosted or defogged just as effectively by turning the RX 350 on a few minutes before operating it or utilizing a snow brush or ice scraper.
  • Manually adjusted mirrors are designed to be manipulated up, down, left, and right with the pressure of fingers. Power adjusted mirrors can be adjusted by using a different switch or button in the driver’s side door or dash. Each is equally effective at angling the exterior mirrors to the right angle so that the driver can see as far as possible around the Lexus in either direction.
  • Coated mirrors have a layer on them that dulls the glare from bright lights behind the Lexus RX 350. Things like sunsets and high beams may be less distracting. Non-coated mirrors lack this coating, but can be combined with sunglasses for a similar effect. Both are equally effective at reflecting the images behind the Lexus. Coating is a matter of personal preference.
What are RX 350 exterior mirrors made from?

Most exterior mirrors for the Lexus are made from metal, plastic, and glass. Metal and plastic comprise the cap on the mirror. This piece is as durable as possible in order to protect the mirror underneath from shattering due to contact with foreign objects. The mirror portion is made from reflective glass.

How do you clean the Lexus exterior mirrors?

Exterior mirrors can be cleaned by mixing warm water and soap together into a solution. Apply the mixture to the mirrors with a soft sponge and rub gently until all debris is eliminated. Then, rinse the mirrors with clean water to get rid of any extra soap. Dry them with a soft cloth. You may wish to polish the metal or plastic outsides of mirrors so that they stay protected and shiny. Any water spots that form on the reflective glass can be eliminated by mixing baking powder and vinegar together into a paste. Apply the paste to the glass and wait until it dries before rinsing it off.