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Exterior Mirrors for Lincoln MKZ

For those looking for a luxury experience in a mid-size sedan with AWD or FWD performance, the Lincoln MKZ offers an excellent drive. Since it’s introduction in 2006, Lincoln has made sure to include components that bring extra convenience to the MKZ driver. The exterior mirrors on this vehicle have a few useful features that can add to your day-to-day convenience.

What exactly is a puddle lamp on the Lincoln MKZ?

Lincoln has included a puddle lamp on some versions of the MKZ for your added convenience while driving on a rainy day. This lamp is positioned on the bottom of the rearview mirror and shines a light on the ground. As a result, difficult-to-see puddles that may be underneath or near your car are revealed. This mirror enables you to be aware of puddles, so that you can avoid wet feet as you exit your car.

Is it easy to replace a malfunctioning puddle lamp?

Fortunately, replacing the puddle lamp is very easy. You’ll just have to use a pry tool, a flathead screwdriver, or your hand to gently pop the Lincoln mirror out of its housing. Once this is done, the light bulb is exposed and ready to be changed out.

What’s the benefit of having heating functionality?

Some OEM variations of exterior mirrors for Lincoln MKZ have heating elements built into the body of the mirror itself. These heating elements are designed to get rid off the fog or frost that can accumulate on the glass surface as the result of inclement weather. On the MKZ, this is an automatic function, and as you turn on the rear defrosters, this feature will activate simultaneously to remove the frost and fog on both glass surfaces in your vehicle.

How does blind spot monitoring work on the MKZ?

Unfortunately, when you’re using the exterior mirrors, there’s always a section around the perimeter of the car that won’t be visible in the mirrors. This blind spot is mitigated via blind spot monitoring, which is also called blind spot detection. When a vehicle enters your blind spot, the car’s sensors, which are located in the bumper, will detect it, and the Lincoln MKZ will activate a light in the mirror.

Will the Lincoln MKZ exterior mirrors adjust electronically?

This Lincoln sedan comes with electronically adjustable mirrors that are adjustable via a side remote switch. This even has presets so that you can save mirror configurations for different drivers.

Are there extra mirror features on the Lincoln MKZ Reserve?

Other than the usage of Deepsoft leather around the controls of the mirror components, the Reserve variation of this Lincoln model doesn’t have any extra features in the exterior mirrors. Lincoln has featured a fairly robust feature-set for the MKZ, which translates across all model options, including the hybrid variations.