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Nissan Sentra Exterior Mirrors

A vulnerable element on many cars and trucks are the exterior mirrors, especially if you have to park on the street. You might need to be prepared to replace the side mirror on your Nissan Sentra if it gets knocked off. Here are some guidelines if youre looking to replace your Nissan Sentra mirror.

What does it mean if an exterior mirror is refurbished?

A refurbished part means it has been previously used. Among most Nissan auto parts, there is the option to purchase a used part that has been refurbished and cleaned. There may be minor chips, nicks, or scratches. In most cases, a refurbished Sentra part will be in fine shape and can even look brand new if Nissan themselves refurbished the mirror. You want your Nissan vehicle to be in top shape, especially for something as important as an exterior mirror.

What are OEM and aftermarket exterior mirrors?

Another big question is whether to stay with the company that originally made your Nissan Sentras mirror or look for an alternative. An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) was the supplier for the mirror when the Sentra first came off the assembly line, so they know the car best. However, aftermarket parts may offer extra features or modifications.

What types of Nissan Sentra exterior mirrors are available?

There are three main categories for your Nissan Sentra mirror. You will probably need two out of three for each mirror. The three are side mirror frames, rear frames, and glass. A damaged or broken Sentra mirror will need a frame for the correct location on the car, as well as the glass that fits the frame. The whole thing comes together easily when the glass and frame are from the same company, because they are built to the same size specifications.

When should exterior mirrors be replaced?

Your Nissan Sentra exterior mirrors can suffer cosmetic damage like chipped paint or scratches without needing a replacement. Once they can no longer serve their purpose, however, then it is time to swap them out. That means something that knocks them out of alignment so you cannot see behind you. Damage to the mirror itself, significant structural harm, or anything else that affects how well they display the surrounding area are indicators you need a replacement. It is unsafe to drive without working mirrors, so if you find the exterior mirrors no longer serve their function, you should replace them immediately.