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Exterior Mirrors for Volkswagen GTI

These exterior mirrors allow you to replace your current ones within your Volkswagen GTI. There are a variety of mirror types to choose from that include blind spot mirrors and rear-view mirrors. They are available in this wide range of selection to best suit your needs for your vehicle.

What are the different types of mirrors and items available?

There are a variety of mirrors and other items that you can select for your Volkswagen GTI, and they include the following:

  • Blind spot mirror: This is a type of mirror that comes in small circles and can be attached on the surface of the side mirrors that are situated just beside the driver and passenger seats on the outer portion of the car. They provide wide angle views and are completely adjustable to allow you to find a position that will highlight your blind spots when driving.
  • Mirror casing: This is the portion of an exterior mirror that the glass is placed into and is available to use if all your glass is still intact.
  • Mirror glass: This is the glass portion of an exterior mirror that can be placed inside the casing to complete the mirror.
  • Rear-view mirror: This is a small mirror that is angled and is positioned at the center of your windshield within your vehicle, allowing you to see at the rear of your vehicle when driving.
  • Side mirror: This type of mirror helps you spot areas to the side and behind your Volkswagen GTI when driving.
How do you keep these mirrors clean?

When you want to clean your exterior mirrors to ensure that they work properly when you are driving, doing so is a straightforward process that involves the usage of some form of glass cleaner as well as a cloth that is lint-free and non-abrasive. You will want the glass to cool down before you clean it to reduce the chance of streaks being left behind, which you can achieve by moving your Volkswagen GTI under the shade. Once you have sprayed the cleaner onto the glass, you will want to move the cloth in smaller circles so as to ensure that the entire surface is cleaned. In order to reduce the amount of cleaner that gets into the housing of the mirror, you should consider spraying the cloth instead of the glass, which will keep it from dripping too much. Once the glass has been cleaned, you can let it air dry.

How do you select mirrors that will fit your vehicle?

When choosing one of these mirrors or items, the way to find one that will fit within your vehicle is to match it to the model year of the Volkswagen GTI that you are driving. Some of these parts will list a single model year that the part is compatible with while others will list a series of years which yours could fall under. As long as the part matches the year of your vehicle, it will be compatible with your GTI.