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Exterior Mirrors for Volkswagen Jetta

Maintain your field of view and your safety with Volkswagen Jetta exterior car mirrors acting as your guides. Volkswagen exterior mirrors come in many shapes, sizes, and capabilities. No matter whether you live in a warm climate or a cold one, you will find exterior mirrors that fit your Volkswagen Jetta.

What are some exterior mirror parts your Volkswagen may need?

In some cases, you will need a fully assembled, fully operational mirror. In other cases, you just need to replace an individual part. Learning about each part gives you the ability to accurately identify and replace problem components.

While great variations exist between specific vehicle mirror models, external car mirrors share many common parts. These include the following:

  • Door mounts/base plates
  • Upper/lower cover pieces
  • Frames
  • Mirror motors/electronic buses
  • Mirror surfaces
What are some basic Volkswagen Jetta exterior mirrors?
  • Planar: Planar exterior car mirrors have flat surfaces. This enables the mirror to reflect undistorted, proportional images of other cars and the environment. While easy to use, the flatness of the planar mirror surface results in operator blind spots. Mirror makers classify the next group of reflectors as non-planar.
  • Spherical: These types of mirrors are convex. This means that they curve outward toward the vehicle operator, and this curved section is actually a part of a sphere. The curvature of the mirror surface gives the driver a larger field of view than planar mirrors, a feature that shrinks images but also shrinks driver blind spots.
  • Aspheric: Aspheric mirrors have convex curves in their central areas and flatter surfaces toward the edges. These features minimize the size of the Jettas blind spot. Spherical mirrors lack flat outer portions.
Should you get Volkswagen blind spot mirrors?

Jetta blind spot mirrors improve your safety by minimizing the size of your visual danger zones. Mirror makers accomplish this in various ways, including widening the surface of the unit or including both planar and aspheric reflectors on the same surface. Regardless of the specific technique used, the effect is greater driver visibility in your Jetta.

What are the benefits of Jetta heated exterior mirrors?

You can get both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) heated mirrors and aftermarket Volkswagen Jetta mirrors that include heater motors in their interiors. If you live in a colder climate, the benefits are numerous and include quick de-icing, anti-fogging effects and enhanced visibility.

Can you find lane change detection safety mirrors?

Yes, you can. These devices include small cameras that identify objects that enter your blind spot zone. When this happens, LED lights and audio tones alert you to the hazard.

Are lights an option on some external car mirrors?

Yes. Volkswagen external mirror lights indicate the shape and size of your vehicle, alert other drivers to your presence, and back up your bumper-bound blinkers.

Do you need an aspheric mirror for your passenger side?

This depends on where you live. Aspheric passenger mirrors enable drivers to clearly view images from across the vehicle. Because of this, some jurisdictions require Volkswagen passenger-side mirrors to be aspheric.