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Buick Enclave Exterior Mouldings and Trims

Exterior mouldings and trims are essential to your Buick Enclave’s appearance. Without guards to protect your Enclave, it would be riddled with bumps and dings. Whether your goal is to restore or upgrade your vehicle, you can find a variety of replacement Buick Enclave exterior mouldings and trims.

How does exterior moulding and trim protect your Buick Enclave?

Bumps and scrapes can ruin your Buick’s appearance. Mouldings and trim help absorb the shock of body-bending and paint-chipping objects. The components are made of durable materials like rubber and aluminum. See a range of designs and style options for your Buick Enclave below.

  • Window strips: Narrow rubber pieces seal air leaks, reduce wind noise, and prevent rain and other elements from entering the vehicle.
  • Door exterior mouldings: These components help minimize the bruising that may occur when the door opens or is struck by another object.
  • Fender enhancements: The parts mold to the fenders’ contours and highlight the wheel well. They provide protection against flying debris, bumps, and scratches.
  • Rocker panels: These components provide your Buick with structural reinforcement. They run along the sides of the vehicle beneath the doors and between the wheel wells.
  • Pillar posts: These stylish chrome pieces give your Buick Enclave a sleek profile. They fit vertically on the exterior door panels and shield the car from weather elements.
What are the Buick Enclave’s material options?

When shopping for mouldings for your vehicle, you want to pay attention to the material options. If you are looking to upgrade your Buick’s appearance, try adding chrome and aluminum parts. However, if the goal is a simple replacement, PVC and rubber parts will do the trick. Keep in mind that some materials are suited for specific applications.

  • Rubber: This sturdy material does an excellent job of keeping areas sealed tight to prevent leakage and reduce road noise.
  • PVC: The material is designed to withstand scratches. You will find a variety of rocker panels made from this substance.
  • Chrome: These shiny components boost the Buick Enclave’s profile and add style to windows and wheel wells.
  • Aluminum:The stylish pieces are durable and provide maximum coverage to protect your Buick vehicle from bumps and dings.
How do you install moulding on your Buick Enclave?

Most mouldings come with an adhesive back for easy installation. You will need to remove the old components and residue. To do this, you will need a plastic prying tool and sharp cutters. Also, gather clean rags, rubbing alcohol, and a blow dryer. Then follow the steps below to install the components on your Buick.

  1. Set a blow dryer to low heat and wave it over the old parts to loosen.
  2. Wrap the prying tool with a clean cloth and pry the parts from the vehicle. Wipe away residue with rubbing alcohol. Then give the area a thorough cleaning.
  3. Use masking tape to mark the spot to place the new moulding on your Buick. Trim the moulding with a sharp cutting tool.
  4. Peel the back of the moulding to expose the adhesive.
  5. Press the moulding firmly in place and allow to bond.