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Fiat 500 Car and Truck Exterior Moldings and Trim

A wide variety of factory and aftermarket trim and molding pieces exist to enhance your Fiat 500. If you have recently been in an accident and need new trim, replacements can make your car look like new. If you simply want a different look for your car, Fiat 500 car and truck exterior moldings and trim offer an excellent way to modify the appearance of your Fiat.

What Fiat 500 trim and molding pieces are there?
  1. Replacement front bumper molding: The front of the Fiat 500 contains a chrome-plated plastic molding piece below each turn-signal lamp that enhances the retro look of the car. These can be obtained, usually in sets of two, to replace damaged front-bumper moldings.
  2. Replacement rear-bumper molding: The Fiat 500 contains a piece of chrome-plated plastic trim below the license plate that enhances the design of the car. Replacement rear-bumper moldings can be glued on to replace this if it is damaged.
  3. Fog-lamp bezels: Both front fog lamps have a black plastic surround molding that can be easily replaced. Bezels are available for Fiat 500s with and without fog lamps. If you choose to add fog lamps to your Fiat 500, look for fog lamp bezels that have a cutout hole for the fog lamp. Alternately, if your Fiat 500 does not have fog lamps, look for the version that does not have a cutout hole for the fog lamp.
  4. Door moldings: Both the driver- and passenger-side doors of the Fiat 500 can be equipped with a molding that protects your car from dings caused by shopping carts or adjacent parked cars. This molding is made of plastic and glues right onto the side of the vehicle. There are also styles and varieties available for the windows.
  5. Door-sill guards: Aftermarket door-sill moldings exist that provide protection to your Fiats paint as you get in and out of the vehicle. These Fiat 500 moldings attach to the bottom of the frame, and they are made of either black plastic or chrome-plated plastic.
What are Fiat 500 moldings and trim made of?

Most Fiat 500 car and truck exterior moldings and trim are made of plastic. Depending on the trim piece, the molding may be coated with chrome to appear shiny, or it may be painted to match the body color of the car. Some molding parts may be made of black plastic, and those can easily fit Fiats of any color.